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Death of John McAfee; The possibility of spreading the unspoken on the Blockchain

A day after the news of John McAfee’s suicide was published in prison, there were many rumors about the cause of death and the consequences of his death. Some of these rumors claim that he thought this day would reveal many secrets using the “Dead Man’s Switch”.

to the the report Crypto briefing was one of the rumors related to McCaffey’s Instagram post after the news of his death.

Dead Man Key is a feature that allows people to send files to specific addresses if the conditions are met. For example, a person can specify that information such as their password be sent to specific people if it is not logged in to their email account for 6 months.

McAfee Instagram account

John McAfee

Shortly after the news of his suicide broke, a picture of the English letter “Q” was posted on McAfee’s Instagram account. Shortly afterwards, all of McAfee’s Instagram accounts and posts were deleted!

Some say that Q’s name refers to the Saturn Conspiracy Theory Group (QAnon). According to them, McAfee’s death has triggered a system that releases classified government documents.

People who had access to the image before the post was deleted claim that the image contained an Ethereum address; A claim that came out of the water wrong. This code string seems to be related to the Facebook metadata standard; Because it starts with “FBMD”.

However, some say that this metadata refers to a Blockchain sixteen-sixteen code. This claim is also unverifiable because it does not seem to provide meaningful data.

Did McAfee use Ethereum?

Others referred to the WHACKD token created by McAfee himself.

McAfee launched the token in November 2019. McAfee had said at the time that the US government might want to kill him, making it look like he was committing suicide. This story is exactly like the story of Jeffrey Epstein in 2019.

SwitchDex data now shows that WHACKD is receiving money after it has been inactive for a long time. Some speculation suggests that these transactions were keyed after McAfee’s death.

However, given the fact that the contract is receiving capital, it can not necessarily be said that these transactions are done with the consent of McAfee. One possibility is that McAfee’s death prompted the token holders to transfer the tokens.

It should not be forgotten that the name of the contract is Epstein, and it seems that Switch Dex chose this name for it, and it can not be said with certainty that it has anything to do with Jeffrey Epstein.

On the other hand, although the transactions appear to contain specific data, studies show that there is no additional information in the transactions.

Blockchain and inability to store data

Bulk data cannot be loaded in most blockchains. McAfee, on the other hand, claimed to have 31 terabytes of data on government corruption, while the Ethereum General Office has a capacity of about 0.5 terabytes; This indicates that the Ethereum blockchain is not the right tool for storing data.

It is possible that McAfee used the Ethereum transaction to publish the location of his confidential files. In this case, there are much simpler and unmediated ways.

In any case, even if McAfee intended to divulge information at the time of his death, the Blockchain could not be considered the right tool to achieve its goal.


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