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Craig Wright wins in court with Cobra; is required to remove the bitcoin white paper from its site

According to the court ruling of Craig Wright and the website, the administrator of this website is obliged to remove the white paper bitcoin from the site. He must also issue a notice and pay $ 48,600 to Wright.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, Craig Wright, who identifies himself as Satoshi Nakamoto, has won a recent lawsuit against Cobra, the webmaster of In the lawsuit, Wright claimed that he owned the white paper bitcoin and that no one could use it without his permission.

Wright’s victory came as Cobra decided not to defend himself in court.

According to the court ruling, this website is obliged to remove Bitcoin white paper and announce this issue in a notification to its users. $ 48,600 will also be collected from Cobra as court fees paid by Wright.

Onter, a law firm that defends Wright in court, described the victory as a “significant” breakthrough in Craig Wright’s “attempt” to gain legal protection of “his” white paper copyright.

Simon Cohen, Anter’s senior lawyer, said:

Dr. Wright does not seek to restrict access to his own white paper. However, he does not agree that sponsors and developers of alternative assets, such as Bitcoin Core, should use it to promote or even discredit these assets as bitcoins. It should not be forgotten that they are the target of Bitcoin, as he is [رایت], Announced in White Paper, they do not support.

In January, Wright sent a letter to the websites, BitcoinCore and asking them to remove copies of the Bitcoin white paper they had placed on their site.

Shortly afterwards, in April, the court allowed Wright to file a complaint against Cobra outside the UK jurisdiction via email. According to the court ruling, Cobra had 22 days to respond to Wright’s complaint.

Cobra tweeted that his 22 days were over:

Not. I did not appear in court because defending the absurd allegations is a waste of time.


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