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Craig Wright is suing the administrators of the official Bitcoin site

Reuters reports that the London Supreme Court has allowed Craig Wright to sue, the webmaster of the website known as Cobra.

to the the report CoinDesk, Wright had sued Cobra over the publication of Bitcoin white paper on the website. Wright claims that he controls the copyright of this white paper. According to news agencies, this is a victory for Wright in court; But it should be noted that this lawsuit will not affect the origin of Bitcoin white paper.

As Cobra’s identity is unknown and it is not possible to determine whether he is a British citizen, the court allowed Wright to send him a court notice via email or Twitter. Reuters writes in its report:

Name, identity or address, according to court documents released Wednesday [کبرا] has not been stated.

As mentioned earlier, recent court events are a common practice in legal cases and cannot be said to have an impact on the origin of bitcoin white paper. Craig Wright claims to have written the white paper bitcoin and therefore has the right to publish it.

Wright’s legal case in various courts has been going on for years and has become a confusing mess.

Wright says that since he is Satoshi Nakamoto and the creator of the White Paper Bitcoin, no institution has the right to host the document; This is in contrast to the decentralized and open source nature of bitcoin. He sent a letter to all the institutions and developers that hosted a copy of Bitcoin Viper to remove the WhitePaper from their websites. deleted the white paper bitcoin from its website after receiving the letter. The website stated at the time that it did not want to waste its resources, time, energy and money on a lawsuit.

Shortly afterwards, several well-known companies, such as Square Crypto, Paradigm, Quinn Center, and Novi, announced that they would be secretly hosting Bitcoin white paper.

Square also filed a lawsuit with the British court through COPA in response to a request to remove the Bitcoin white paper. COPA is a company founded by Square in 2020 and works to maintain and promote the open source movement.

Wright eventually intends to provide sufficient evidence to substantiate his claim to Satoshi, based on the results of these trials and other lawsuits.


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