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Cracken Exchange: Bitcoin Teprot update will not be forgotten for years

The Kraken Exchange has taken a special look at the changes that the Taproot update is making to the Bitcoin network, and said that this update could pave the way for further expansion of the Bitcoin network in the coming years.

to the Report The Daily Hoodel, Kraken digital currency exchange, said in a new report that Teprot could affect the bitcoin network in many ways. It should be noted that Teprot includes three plans to improve the bitcoin network.

The Kraken report states:

Protecting user privacy significantly improves network scalability and versatility of all bitcoins. Users will enjoy reduced transaction fees, the ability to perform multi-signature transactions, and the creation of complex smart contracts with the same performance, low fees, and privacy of single-signature transactions.

Kraken added:

Teprot has undoubtedly been the most important bitcoin update to date, as it paves the way for widespread acceptance and innovation.

“How can Teprot boost the privacy of Bitcoin users?”

Increasing user privacy and transaction efficiency in Teprot are two sides of the same coin. With this update [دیگر] Details of users’ unpaid payment status are not disclosed, so privacy increases during network transactions and less data is processed in the blockchain.

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Kraken says there are few people who understand the potential impact of Teprot updates. The launch of the Teprot update at the end of this year could pave the way for a new bitcoin era.

Kraken wrote at the end of his report:

Teprot update is not only noticeable in terms of technical changes, but also in the implementation process. Some believe that Teprot will lay the groundwork for how the Bitcoin Protocol will be updated in the coming years.


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