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Blockchaink Wallet; Learn how to make a bitcoin wallet

Blockchain.com (Blockchain.com), formerly known as Blockchain.info, is one of the oldest and most popular Bitcoin wallets, in addition to Bitcoin, from several other digital currencies, including Ethereum, BitcoinCash And Stellar also supports. In this article, while fully introducing this site, we teach you how to make a wallet and work with it in a visual way.

What is a Blockchain Wallet?

Blockchain.com (Blockchain.com) video tutorial, 2020 update

China web-based wallet, with address Blockchain.com It is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets these days and has hundreds of thousands of users. The old URL for this site was Blockchain.info.

The wallet is so popular that novices sometimes confuse it with blockchain technology. Do not forget that Blockchain technology is different from Blockchain wallet. Blockchain technology is the underlying technology of Bitcoin and many digital currencies, but the Dotcom blockchain wallet is just a wallet for digital currencies that uses the word blockchain in its brand and has nothing to do with blockchain technology.

Blockchain site dotcom was also known as one of the first bitcoin explorers to track bitcoin transactions and its network status before it became a wallet, which may be why it chose the name blockchain. .

Blockchain wallet has a very simple and easy user interface and can be easily used by everyone. Also, access to this wallet from all devices (desktop or mobile) is possible only with an internet browser.

Blockchain wallet stores private keys (the same as bitcoins) on Internet servers, but on its website it has proven that all passwords are encrypted and the company has no access to users’ digital currencies.

This wallet, with the software provided for Android and iOS operating systems, has made it easier for mobile users to use.

Video tutorial for creating an account on the Blockchain site

Making a wallet on this site is very easy and can be done in less than ten minutes. In the following, we will teach you step by step how to make a wallet on the Blockchain website.

1. First enter the Blockchain.com website and click on “Sign Up” or “Get a Free Wallet”. You can also through This link Go directly to the registration page.

Blockchain.com (Blockchain.com) video tutorial, 2020 update
Join the Blockchaink Wallet

2- According to the image below, fill in the registration form and click on “Create My Wallet”. Do not forget to enter a valid email, as a confirmation link will be sent to your email. It is also recommended that you choose a secure password that includes numbers and letters for added security.

Blockchaink Wallet Registration

3- Your wallet is created simply and you enter the wallet user panel. At the first login, a wallet tutorial message will be displayed, which you can postpone to another time by clicking on “Maybe Later”.

Blockchain.com video tutorial (Blockchain.com) + how to get a backup

4- To increase the security of your wallet, refer to your e-mail and confirm the e-mail that is related to your wallet.

Also for you Wallet ID You must use it to log in to the account. We suggest that you write down your wallet ID in an accessible place so that you do not have to go to the inbox for each login.

Email Verification in Blockchaink Wallet

Training to work with Walt Blockchain

Working with the blockchain wallet user panel is not very difficult and users can easily learn how it works after a while of browsing inside it.

We suggest that you download and install the mobile software to make it easier to use Blockchaink Wallet. This application is for two Android operating systems (download from This link) And iOS (download from This link) Available.

In addition to the possibility of storing digital currencies, Blockchaink Wallet has provided other facilities for its users, but most of them are not usable for Iranian users and need to be authenticated with a passport. If you live in Iran, we suggest that you use this wallet only to store, receive or send digital currencies and do not try to activate other features.

As shown below, we explain each of the options in the main panel of Blockchaink Wallet:

Blockchain wallet video tutorial (Blockchain.com) + how to get a backup
  • 1- User panel home page
  • 2- Sending digital currency
  • 3- Receiving digital currency
  • 4- Wallet management and inventory review
  • 5- Security center (to set up wallet security and get backups)
  • 6- Settings
  • 7- Global price of bitcoin
  • 8- Buy and sell (can not be used for Iranians.)
  • 9- Quick conversion of currencies to each other (requires cost – can not be used for Iranians.)
  • 10. Connect to a hardware wallet
  • 11- New opportunity for transaction (can not be used for Iranians.)

Learn how to get bitcoins and digital currencies

To receive digital currency in a blockchain wallet, it is enough:

1. Click on “Request” in your user panel.

Receive digital currency in Blockchaink Wallet

2- Receive the address of your wallet and give it to the sender to send you digital currency.

Bitcoin address in wallet

Learn how to send bitcoins and digital currencies

To send digital currency in Blockchaink Wallet is enough:

1. Click “Send” in your user panel.

Send digital currency in Blockchaink Wallet 1

2- On the submission page, enter the recipient’s address, the amount you intend to send, and specify the transfer fee.

The higher the fee, the sooner your transaction will be approved. We suggest that if you are not familiar with network fees, do not manipulate the fee section because if the fee is low, your transaction may not be approved.

Send digital currency in Blockchaink Wallet

Backing up your Blockchain wallet

Backing up is the most important thing after making a wallet. As you probably know, bitcoin transactions are irreversible and everyone in the bitcoin network is responsible for their own assets.

If you forget your wallet password, or for any reason lose access to your wallet and do not have a backup of your wallet, all your assets will be lost and you will not be able to recover them.

Blockchain Wallet as a backup gives you a set of 12 English words that you can use to recover your assets with Recovery Phrase in case of any problems with the wallet.

Follow these steps to back up your Blockchaink Wallet:

1- From the wallet panel, go to the “Security Center” section.

The security center section in the blockchain wallet

2. In the Security section, click the “Backup Funds” button.

Wallet backup

3. Click “Backup Funds” again to display the recovery words.

tip: The “Print Backup Sheet” button is an optional option, by clicking on which you will get a pdf file that you can print and write down your recovery words.

Blockchain backup

4- The words are displayed to you in three steps in the form of four or four. Write them down in order, carefully from left to right.

Blockchain wallet backup

5. After writing down the words, the next step is to prove that you have written down the words and randomly asks you to enter four words from the written words. For example, you will be asked to enter the first, sixth, eighth, and twelfth words to prove that you have spelled out the recovery words.

Blockchain.com video tutorial (Blockchain.com) + how to get a backup

6- By seeing the green tick next to the backup section, the backup has been done successfully and if you forget the password, you can easily recover your account.

Blockchain wallet video tutorial (Blockchain.com) + how to get a backup

It is enough to take a backup of the Blockchain account once no need For example, back up after each transaction.

AttentionBe sure to write down your recovery words in a safe place and do not give them to anyone. These words represent all your assets.


Although Blockchain Wallet is a web wallet that stores users’ private keys on Internet servers, it has long been known as a trusted wallet among users and has not left a bad track record.

As we said, this wallet keeps private keys encrypted and does not have direct access to assets. User passwords are stored as hashes, and when the user enters their password, the hash system matches the user’s password and the hash stored in the database.

The blockchain wallet also provides many security options for its users, and the security of the wallet’s accounts can be greatly increased, the most important of which is two-factor authentication. By enabling this option, the user must enter the code provided by the Google Authenticator software in addition to the password when logging in.

Attention: Due to the blocking of Iranian numbers to receive SMS, do not select the SMS option when activating the two-step login.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blockchaink Wallet have access to assets?

No. Although Blockchain is a web-based wallet, it keeps private keys encrypted and does not have direct access to assets itself.

How to make a Blockchain wallet?

To create an account, just go to Blockchain.com and register from the “Wallet” section. After entering the email and password and then confirming the email through the link that is sent to your email, your account is active and ready to use.

How to receive bitcoins in Blockchaink Wallet?

Just go to the “Receive” section of your account and get the address of your wallet. You can then give the bitcoin address to the sender to send you the bitcoin.

How to send bitcoins in Blockchaink Wallet?

Just go to the “Send” section of your account. In this section, after entering the recipient’s address and the desired amount, you can send bitcoins.


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