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Chillies price growth of 170%; What was the cause?

The introduction of unique tokens in the live game and the rapid expansion of the ecosystem has increased the price of chillies by more than 170%, and shows the strength of this project in a fundamental way.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, This year we have witnessed the formation of high-level collaborations between the field of digital currency and major sports leagues, big teams and even famous players. These days, players interact with their fans by offering rare NFTs and things like that related to digital currencies and the Blockchain.

Also, digital currency companies are increasingly trying to make a name for themselves by putting their name on the shirts of major European clubs, buying stadium name points and advertising during the busy hours between halves or quarters of matches.

Chiliz is one of the projects that has attracted a lot of attention due to its focus on the world of sports and helping fans interact with their favorite clubs. Chiliz is actually a Blockchain network on which the Socios platform operates in the field of fan token delivery.

The price of a unit of chillies (CHZ) reached a peak of 0.657 over the past month and a half (September 29 to October 31 – October to November) from $ 0.243 with a 171% increase (in daily candlesticks). After some time of correction, recent developments have pushed prices back to high levels.

Chillies price growth of 170%;  What was the cause?
Chilean price chart against the dollar

The three main reasons for the long jump in Chilean prices are: Release of unique tokens in live games; ۲. Adding to more exchanges along with offering new pro tokens and 3. Rapid expansion of business partners.

Unparalleled tokens in live play

The first factor in the start of Chile’s price growth was the NFT live game, which first happened in the match between AC Milan and Roma.

Chillies price growth of 170%;  What was the cause?

In this plan, during the match between the two clubs, new NFTs are generated for the events that take place in the match and go to the wallets of the fans who have the tokens of the clubs and have correctly predicted the outcome of the match. For example, if the AC Milan token holder correctly predicts a penalty for his team, a valuable NFT will be sent to him when the penalty is declared in his favor.

This update and this new approach to NFT‌ distribution led to a sharp increase in demand for pro tokens, and this trend continued in the following weeks.

More exchanges and pro tokens

Another reason for Chile’s rise was the addition of the token to more exchanges, as well as the supply of support tokens to big clubs such as Sao Paulo, AC Milan and Manchester City.

In addition, Bainance has given fans the opportunity to earn money from the shares of BainanceQueen, BUSD and Chile.

Chillies price growth of 170%;  What was the cause?

The international exchange OKEx also announced that it supports Chilean ecosystem tokens. On the other hand, the addition of the CHZ token to the eToro exchange on November 9 (November 18) gave the token new strength.

Ecosystem expansion

The expansion of the ecosystem may be another development that has fundamentally strengthened Chile’s digital currency.

The Chilean platform recently unveiled a partnership with Kraft Sports that added the New England Patriots from the NFL and the New England Revolution from the MLS to the Chilean ecosystem. .

Chillies price growth of 170%;  What was the cause?

With this partnership, Chillis officially entered the two most popular leagues in the United States, the NFL and the MLS. This shows that the vision of this protocol is to cover all major sports leagues; Where the demand for pro tokens increases.


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