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Chief of Economic Security Police: There is a minor apparatus in government organizations

Sardar Mohammad Reza Moghimi, the head of the Economic Security Police, has said that there is a digital currency extraction machine in some government organizations. According to him, which organizations use these devices and which organizations do not use them should be investigated.

According to Arzdigital, Mohammad Reza Moghimi, the head of the NAJA Economic Security Police, has said about the existence of digital currency extraction devices in government organizations:

One of the problems that we are pursuing with the cooperation of the Ministry of Energy is that some of these miners were sometimes used in some government institutions, organizations and institutions. It can be said that most of these organizations no longer use these miners, but have it.

He added:

It remains to be seen who uses these miners and who does not, but unfortunately they are generally present in government organizations and institutions. We have statistics on what minor organizations have and are supposed not to use it, but whether they use it or not can be examined.


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