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4X Cheap WordPress Hosting For Bloggers and Small Business

Are you looking cheap WordPress hosting start a blog or host your business website? Well, you have to look no further as I will take you through the journey today.


There was I time took my Business online; I knew for sure it is the best thing to do since a lot of companies nowadays operate online. I had this little confusion about which HostingHosting to use. I had to start using FREE HostingHosting before I moved to a paid one. The free HostingHosting gave me a lot of issues, if you can imagine a website sleeping when a lot of others are running throughout 365 days, that is my site.


I know what you are going to ask me,

How can I host my WordPress website for free?

Let me introduce to Mr. OOW the James bond with no complete kits, just kidding. is the website that allows you to host your Business for free with a lot of limitations. You don’t want to try them, trust me. I know the pain I went through just by hosting a website with OOW J. The 4X Cheapest WordPress Hosting Providers are:



Intersever WordPress Hosting best Cryptocurrency

Interserver is a Webhosting company founded in the year 1999 (20 years ago) by two students. They have quite a good reputation when it comes to hosting websites, and they are cheap as well. Although, not competitive in price to say but in features and uptime. You know what I mean by that. They offer unlimited storage, domains, and support.


Customer support

Interserver customer support is super fast and fabulous, and it doesn’t take up to a minute before you can get your questions attended to. They are speedy at helping their customers. Most customers (including me) have had no issues contacting the support of interserver.


I conducted a speed test on websites hosted by interserver, and all I can say about the rate is they exceeded my expectations. I have always wanted to underrate the company, but after my speed tests, an uptime test. I was convinced to keep my N2,000 monthly subscription with my website loading below 2 seconds for every user.


  • Shared Hosting: $5/month
  • VPS: $6/month
  • Dedicated Server: $50/month

Visit for cheap WordPress hosting to see if you will like it.

When to use interserver.

Interserver is pretty much useful if you are looking to host a lot of websites. Mostly for domain real estate owners. You are flipping, I mean to say.


Namecheap Web Hosting

NamechCheap Hosting best Cryptocurrency

This another web hosting provider with lots of benefits to offer, unlike intersever Namecheap is way cheaper and reliable. With Namecheap, the Business doesn’t need to worry; however, the hosting plans seem to be overrated in the sense that they are suitable for just domain procurement and parking. Their domain renewal doesn’t cost you a lot for renovation. Back to hosting, Namecheap shared hosting is one of the best if you are looking to start the WordPress website on a meager budget. Remember, we are talking cheap here, and Namecheap is there to serve you.


Customer support

They are fast in responding to your requests and support tickets.


When it comes to speed, Namecheap is fast, loading 1.6 s and stable with all meaningful prints. Tested with Load impact and Pingdom.


  • Stellar Hosting: $2/momth
  • Stellar Plus: $4/momth
  • Stellar Business: $8/momth

Dream Host

DreamHost WordPress Hosting best Cryptocurrency

PCmag’s Editors’ Choice and winner of the best hosting award of the year four times in a row. Dreamhost is a hosting company based in Los Angeles. Founded in 1996. This is one of the best compared to Godaddy, Bluehost, with a rating of 7.9/10 by its users. They offer hosting services that are beyond the edge.

Customer support

Dreamhost has an outstanding customer relationship track record. The customer support gets a 10/10 according to my findings.


Another reason they have been winning back to back is their server speed. Amazingly fast page load time of 0.600 ms that’s almost half a second.


  • Shared Hosting: $2.95/momth
  • WordPress Hosting: $2.95/momth
  • VPS hosting: $10/month
  • Dedicated Server: $149/month


When To use Dreamhost.

Dream host is no free web hosting platform, and it is there for you for any use. And the price is way low if you are looking to minimize cost for your yearly renewal plan.


This the first most recommended hosting platform by by itself. It comes with a lot of flexibility and comfort for you and your business. No matter how small or big it may seem to be. You have no worries about their plans as they offer you security and auto back up for their plans.

Customer support

Talk about Barry Allen in flash series, Bluehost support can be compared to them; they have one of the fastest customer support services with a rating of 9/10. They accept calls, reply emails, social media questions, and support tickets fast and promptly.


You don’t want to go here, because the Bluehost server is mainly configured to handle ONLY WordPress websites. So, the rate is inevitably fast. If you experience speed issues with Bluehost, you might have miss set your WordPress website, run checks, and find the problems.



WordPress Hosting starts: $2/month



What is the cheapest and best web hosting service?


The Cheapest Hosting in the list compared are

  • Namecheap starting $2/month
  • Bluehost Starting $2/momnt
  • DreamHost $2.95/month
  • Interserver $5/month


Namecheap appears to the cheapest web hosting platform from our list above, while Intersver offers the best-unlimited plans for $5/month.

My pick after going through each website is Interserve, and I love the fact their offer speaks what they sell.

What cheap WordPress hosting would you recommend form the above list?

Do you have one we don’t know in mind? Do let us know via the comment section.

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