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Chairman of the Exchange Organization: Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is a violation and causes the outflow of currency; Parliament enters

Dehghan Dehnavi, head of the Exchange Organization, said that buying and selling cryptocurrencies is a “violation” and that the Islamic Consultative Assembly should address the issue.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From the young newspaper, Dehghan Dehnavi, the head of the Stock Exchange Organization, said in the program of unveiling the transactions of silver futures and the supply of iron ore:

We must stay away from political literature and guide the market scientifically. There are now 62 million shareholders in the capital market, and officials hold themselves accountable to shareholders.

He stated:

The capital market is a specialized place, so we need to move beyond the traditional approach and strengthen tools to reduce risk. Investing in the capital market in the country’s economy increases production and transparency.

He added:

We expect the parliament to provide a formula so that we no longer see change in various industries. The capacities of the capital market are very large and we could not develop in other dimensions of this market, for example, good things can be done in the stock market. It is true that coin futures are going to be traded on commodity exchanges today, but we have to see the result in the silver industry.

He mentioned:

We need to develop in the securities market, if our financial institutions used to provide 2 or 3 million services in the past, now their number has multiplied. It goes without saying that the number of our financing companies is also very small. We have told fundraising companies to move to manufacturing companies.

The head of the stock exchange organization said:

Our request to the Islamic Consultative Assembly is to get involved in the discussion of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. This is a violation and it is a channel that leads to the outflow of capital from the country. The fluctuations in the capital market were also present in other markets, the parallel stock markets returned after the correction, but the stock market did not. We must restore trust to shareholders.


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