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Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament: We are looking to legalize digital currencies

Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, the head of the parliament’s economic commission, said that the parliament would not approve foreign digital currencies due to the high risks, adding that Iran’s national digital currency would have a buyer if it was within the law.

According to digital currency and to Quoted In an interview with Mizan, Poorabrahimi, referring to the issue of currency cryptocurrencies and the entry of the Economic Commission of the parliament into this commercial activity in the country, said:

Basically, the currency code can be considered as a tool to circumvent sanctions and neutralize sanctions, and provide an opportunity to make good use of the energy capacity in the country and ultimately turn this method into national income.

He emphasized:

Our prediction is that in the first phase of this activity, we will be able to generate two billion dollars a year in cryptocurrency production, and basically do the settlement with our foreign obligations.

Poorabrahimi stated that the Economic Commission of the Majles has entered into the issue of cryptocurrencies, stating:

The entry of the commission into this issue was due to the fact that this capacity is used in the economic field of the country and the necessary revenue generation is considered.

He stressed that the issue of currency exchange activity has been important for the Economic Commission of the Parliament:

Certainly cryptocurrencies can be used as a tool to circumvent sanctions, so these reasons led the Economic Commission to take the issue of cryptocurrencies seriously.

The head of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in response to the question of whether the activity in Bitcoin is still risky? said:

We do not have the roots, the axis and the decision about Bitcoin, but the code of currencies that are produced domestically, under the supervision of devices and within the framework of the law, is good.

This member of parliament in response to the question of whether he also has the code of domestic production currency or not? said:

Yes. If we produce the currency code ourselves under the supervision and within the framework of the law, the code of domestic currency will definitely have a customer, while we do not approve the code of foreign currency because there is a high risk of activity in that area.


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