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Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament: The text of the law on organizing digital currencies will be finalized in two months

Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, head of the parliament’s economic commission, said the text of the draft law on organizing digital currencies was to be finalized in two months. According to Pour-Ebrahimi, the Economic Commission is now awaiting comments from the new head of the Central Bank.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From the bazaar, Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi said that the text of the economic commission’s proposal on cryptocurrencies has been submitted to the Central Bank.

He stressed that amendments have been made to this plan:

We are waiting for the central bank management to receive the bank’s comments on our proposals.

The head of the economic commission continued:

Once the central bank’s opinion on the plan has been communicated to us and the framework of the plan has been clarified, we will hold meetings to agree on the proposals, obtain all the points of view from the executive bodies, and finally make the final decision.

He added:

I think the text of the plan to organize the activities of the cryptocurrencies will be prepared and finalized in the economic commission in the next one to two months.

The representative of the people of Kerman, in relation to the opinions of other executive bodies and opinions on the legislation of digital currencies, has said:

From day one, all oversight, intelligence and security agencies have been present at committee meetings. Of course, there are differences of opinion, but the basis for deciding on this plan is the commission and the public. These devices come with it in many places. Many places have different opinions, which is normal, and we proceed with the same approach to finalize the text.


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