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Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament: The task of different agencies in relation to digital currencies will be determined soon

Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, head of the parliament’s economic commission, said that with the approval of the plan to organize the digital currency market, the tasks of various agencies in dealing with these assets and issues related to extraction will soon be determined.

According to Digital Currency and to Quoted Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi from Sada-e Azadi news agency, pointing out that cryptocurrencies are considered as a fact in the field of economic issues of the country, said:

Unfortunately, due to the delay in the arrival of the twelfth government and the executive agents of the country, we entered the issue of cryptocurrencies with a delay of several years.

Referring to the serious involvement of the 11th parliament in the issue of cryptocurrencies, he added:

A huge amount of the country’s financial resources are being invested in this area.

The head of the parliament’s economic commission said:

Unfortunately, until now, in previous governments, the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank did not have a specific plan to manage the turnover of these cryptocurrencies.

Poorabrahimi added:

The central bank has the ability to monitor the process of financial transactions through the issuance of licenses for the payment system or postpaid, and can operate this issue, and the Ministry of Economy can enter this area due to its inherent missions.

He said:

Instead of always acting positively as an opportunity for management for the economic system, cryptocurrencies have become a threat to the country’s economic system due to lack of management in the Twelfth Government and lack of planning to organize them.

The head of the economic commission of the parliament added:

According to field reports, 10 thousand billion tomans is the daily turnover of the country’s cryptocurrencies.

Poorabrahimi said:

Following the presentation of the Economic Commission’s report on cryptocurrencies, which was made public last week, the Commission has put on its agenda a priority plan to organize cryptocurrencies in the national economy with the aim of transparency, information on cryptocurrencies, which after review and approval in The commission will be put to a public vote by the delegates.

He announced:

Soon, the law on organizing the cryptocurrency market in the country will be approved and implemented in the parliament with the aim of clarifying information, generating revenue, managing and monitoring the circulation of the country’s financial resources, as well as helping to organize the cryptocurrency mining industry in the country.

The head of the parliament’s economic commission said:

In this plan, we have assigned tasks for different devices for optimal performance, in which the Ministry of Industry has been assigned tasks regarding the licenses of the extractive farms to the Ministry of Energy regarding how to supply electricity with priority given to clean energy.

Poorabrahimi added:

The Ministry of Communications will also be required to provide a suitable cyberspace platform for the use of cryptocurrencies, and the Ministry of Economy will have responsibilities regarding the approach to monitoring money laundering and the tax definition related to their operations.

In the end, he said:

The parliament’s plan for cryptocurrencies includes tasks related to the governance and comprehensive management of cryptocurrencies with the aim of using external sources to extract cryptocurrencies, as well as defining digital exchanges from cryptocurrencies and monitoring their circulation and operational transactions to the central bank.


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