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Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament: People should not enter digital currencies at the moment

Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, chairman of the parliament’s economic commission, has urged people not to invest in digital currencies at the moment. He said the elimination of digital currencies was not fundamentally on the parliament’s agenda.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From the bazaar, Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, referring to the activity of cryptocurrencies in the country, said:

For a long time, a topic called Ramzarz has been formed in the field of economic issues of the country and the countries of the region and the world, and naturally, our country’s position in relation to this issue should be determined based on a scientific and professional perspective.

He added:

Our view in the Economic Commission on this issue is to examine the opportunities and avoid its threats in the field of national economy, so removing an issue called cryptocurrencies in the economic system, which some sometimes raise, is basically not on the agenda of the parliament.

The head of the parliament’s economic commission said:

We can not remove a problem from the path of the country’s economic movement by removing Ramzarz activity, and this exists, and it is like cyberspace around us, and we must only manage it.

Poorabrahimi, stating that the study of cryptocurrencies from the 10th parliament was on the agenda of the Economic Commission, said:

Due to the lack of aristocracy in different parts of the government such as the Central Bank, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Silence and the lack of coordination between their components and the lack of full knowledge of this issue, we in the 10th parliament could not take comprehensive measures in this area.

He said that in the continuation of our way, we entered the preparations for the activities of the cryptocurrencies, and said:

However, we did not reach a proper conclusion along the way, so this issue was on our agenda in the 11th parliament, and in the second half of the year, the report of the Economic Commission in the form of Article 45 of the parliament’s bylaws was made public and finally read in parliament. .

He added:

According to this report, we have developed a plan that specifies the rules and regulations of the cryptocurrencies in the field of the country’s economy. In this plan, regarding the duties of the Central Bank as one of the important pillars of the system in the field of foreign exchange, the duties of the Ministry of Economy in the fight against money laundering and the Ministry of Silence in issuing licenses for cryptocurrencies whose source is domestically produced.

He emphasized:

The content of this issue is to determine the duties of laws and regulations that can start their work in the field of cryptocurrencies of internal origin and the field of cryptocurrencies of foreign origin, so in one of the domains of cryptocurrencies of foreign origin is the issue of exchanges that work in this field. .

Poorabrahimi continued:

One of the important axes of the parliament’s plan is to organize exchange offices that provide services in this area for the people in cyberspace.

The head of the parliament’s economic commission said:

At present, the activity in this sector is almost abandoned and there is no supervision in this area, and our emphasis to the people is not to enter into the discussion of foreign cryptocurrencies in the current situation and due to the lack of rules and regulations, because this area is very risky. Is. However, we will soon try to formulate the rules and regulations of this section in a way that is regulated.


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