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Central Bank’s perception of banning Ramzarz Iranian collections is wrong / Digital currency market must be managed

Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, head of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, believes that a negative attitude and banning the activities of Iranian groups in the Ramzarz area who are interested in organizing and accepting supervision will lead them to turn to underground and so-called black activities.

to the the report Digital Currency and quoting Fars, Pour-Ebrahimi in his recent interview, referring to the issue of digital currencies and the need to organize this field according to its scope, said:

The issue of cryptocurrencies is an undeniable phenomenon in the world economic field, and the purpose of the involvement of the parliament and the economic commission in this issue is to organize activities in this field. We can not ignore, eliminate or deal with the issue of cryptocurrencies in our country’s economy, but we must manage it.

Emphasizing the need to manage the issue of cryptocurrencies due to the use of its capacity in the country’s economy, ‌ said:

The management of this field minimizes the consequences, that is, we must maximize the benefits of using cryptocurrencies and minimize its harms.

The head of the economic commission of the parliament continued:

In the area of ​​maximizing benefits, it is up to us to use this capacity to circumvent sanctions. In the field of production of cryptocurrencies in the country, its law is being finalized in the parliament and is on the agenda of the open court of the parliament.

Poorabrahimi clarified:

In the field of cryptocurrency exchanges, which are mainly of foreign origin, our concern is that due to the failure of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economy to perform their duties on sites that operate through payment gateways within the framework of PSDs licensed by the Central Bank, It does not take, and this is something we have to get into and manage.

He added:

Our request to the Central Bank was that this issue has been abandoned and is a serious concern, and they should explain how they have monitored in recent years sites that are officially through the payment gateways of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the supervision of PSDs and licensed by the Central Bank have done?

The head of the parliament’s economic commission emphasized that our main discussion with the central bank was that anyone who wanted to operate should get a license like an exchange office:

This organization makes it possible for us to make the financial turnover transparent and to determine the subject of its taxation, as well as to discuss the protection of people’s assets in a desirable way.

Poorabrahimi, referring to the correspondence and follow-ups of the Economic Commission and the Speaker of the Parliament in recent weeks on the issue of organizing digital currencies, noted:

The Central Bank and the Ministry of Economy, instead of managing this issue, decided to stop the issue, while basically we were not talking about stopping these activities because their capacities in the field of national economy, especially in the conditions of sanctions, can help us. Perception has considered the management of the subject of cryptocurrencies as its cessation.

He continued:

Instead of stopping and denying the issue, the central bank can manage the issue by regulating and licensing digital currency sites, as it can play a role in the national economy.

Regarding the use of the opinions of digital currency activists, the head of the Economic Commission stated:

We regularly use and correspond with the associations, organizations and syndicates of digital currency producers in the meetings of the Economic Commission of the Parliament, and we correspond with them, who were also invited to the Parliament yesterday, and we received their opinions and information.

Poorabrahimi said in the end:

Negative treatment of this area and banning the activities of Iranian groups that are interested in organizing and accepting supervision, will lead them to turn to underground and so-called black activities.


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