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Central Bank of China: $ 5 billion transaction in digital yuan

China’s central bank has announced that the total value of transactions using the country’s national digital currency has reached 34.5 billion yuan by the end of June, which is worth $ 5 billion.

to the the report Central Bank CoinDesk has announced for the first time that the country’s national digital currency will also be compatible with smart contracts.

China’s central bank said in a statement that the total number of transactions was 70.76 million, with approximately 21 million personal wallets and 3.5 million corporate wallets distributed.

Digital yuan wallets are categorized into different levels based on the amount of personal information provided. These levels specify the transaction limits and account balances of each user.

Users can also open wallets with low features by default without providing personal information and then upgrade to other features if they wish.

The People’s Bank of China has also provided details of pilot projects planned for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

According to the bank, self-service vans, self-service vending machines, automated supermarkets, payment tags, winter Olympics, and other wearable gadgets, including gloves equipped with NFC (telecommunications) technology, will be used at the sporting event. شد.

The paper also mentions that the original digital yuan project is underway. Government officials are pursuing pilot projects across the country and conducting new experiments.

Digital Yuan pilot projects started a year ago. The trials were initially limited to the four cities of Chengdu, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Xi’an, and the digital yuan was only available to whites.

The pilot project was later made available to the public by lottery in four cities and extended to more cities, including Shanghai and Beijing.

There is no set timetable for launching China’s national digital currency.


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