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Celsius CEO: The price of Bitcoin will rise to $ 160,000 this year

While the price of Bitcoin is trading in the $ 30,000 range, Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius, believes that the peak of the Bitcoin price has not yet arrived and should be waited for.

to the the report On the sidelines of the Bitcoin Conference 2021 in Miami, Coin Telegraph, Machinesky, announced that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 160,000 this year, or slightly below $ 160,000. He said about this:

The 2021 price peak has not yet arrived.

He went on to point out the bitcoin price correction after reaching a peak of $ 63,000:

when [یک داریی] It grows much faster than expected, it grows too much, it is on the path of correction. You can take a look at my March and February tweets and see that I said fall and correction is ahead. I was predicting a price of $ 30,000. Bitcoin is like a spring, we pulled it too much and pressed it too hard. There were many people among them who were greedy.

In addition to the price of bitcoin, he also referred to Elon Musk’s recent tweets about this digital currency. According to Machinsky, the Musk does not help the digital currency community, but manipulates the market. He described Musk as a “simple tourist” in the area.

He said in part that Tesla’s acceptance of bitcoin was more in Musk’s favor than it was for the consumer. “Machinski said about this:

If the richest man on earth wants to get bitcoins for Tesla, you have to ask yourself, for whom is this deal profitable? From the moment you buy a Tesla car, it is worth less than what you paid for, but the value of bitcoin increases; For this reason, this exchange for Ilan [ماسک] It’s good, but it’s not good for you.

Roni Cohen Pavon, Celsius’s director of revenue, said in an interview that his company would relocate from the UK to the US in the next few months. He said about this:

We have come to the conclusion that Britain is not the best place for a session in terms of legislation and geopolitical aspects.

Referring to the fact that Celsius now operates as a limited liability company, he said:

There is no change in the services of Celsius. We expect the transfer to the United States to be completed by mid-August.


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