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Cardano grew by 23% after joining Coin Bass

Following the announcement of Cardano being added to the Quinn Base Pro platform, Cardano’s price jumped 24 percent. Cardano trades in dollar, bitcoin, euro and pound currencies will start tomorrow at Coin Base Pro.

to the the report Offex Street, Cardano price rose 24% hours after the announcement of the addition of Coin Bass. Investors are still unsure whether this uptrend will continue.

Cardano price chart
Cardano price chart

Cardano had formed a line of support since February 7. This support line was finally broken last week, and as a result, we saw a sharp increase in sales pressure in the market. At the moment, this trend line is still acting as a resistance and it remains to be seen whether the price will stabilize above it.


Despite this resistance, the IOMAP index shows that above $ 1.27, there is not much resistance to Cardano. $ 1.17 and $ 1.06 are the main supports of this digital currency. If the price of Cardano can not stabilize above 1.24, you can expect a fall to $ 1.17 and then there is a possibility of a decrease to $ 1.06.

On the other hand, breaking and stabilizing the price above 1.24 can raise the price of Cardano to $ 1.36; Because there is no resistance to this digital currency up to this level.


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