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Capsule 35: From the official announcement of Gram to Facebook being in a tight spot

The weekly capsule provides users with a summary of the events and important news of the past week. In the weekly capsule, we take a look at the market situation in recent weeks, and each week we will accompany you with an episode of the “21 Lessons I Learned from Bitcoin” series. Wait for the new capsule number every Friday.

Important news of the week

Important capsule news 35

Apple CEO: Money supply is the job of governments, not private companies!

While Facebook is considering offering its own digital money, other tech giants have chosen to distance themselves from the field. Asked if the company was looking to launch a digital currency, the Apple CEO’s assertion prompted Facebook to indirectly target Tim Cook. But Cook’s controversial view, however, was that private companies did not enter the money supply, according to which money is like a military force that should be controlled by governments. With that said, as well as Apple’s efforts to create quick payment solutions with common currencies, the current Apple CEO may not be considered a Bitcoin lover.

PayPal left the Libra Association

Zuckerberg’s last hope in the Libra project may be for supporters and members of his digital currency project coalition, one of whom left last week. PayPal, one of the largest payment companies, has officially announced that it has left its members after not attending Thursday’s meeting of the coalition. A PayPal spokesman said he would nevertheless support the Libra coalition and continue to work with Facebook. The announcement by US and European lawmakers that Libra has been opposed in recent months has caused Facebook supporters to worry more than ever, and could even lead to the withdrawal of other members of the coalition in the near future.

The new bitcoin miner was unveiled with 73 power levels

A month after the unveiling of the upgraded Ant-Miner models S17e and T17e, the Chinese giant introduced the manufacturer of extraction machines for the new 17-series Ant-Miner models. The two new devices, called the S17 Plus and T17 Plus, have higher processing power than previous models. According to Bitcoin, the use of new technology for dual heat conduction channels has led to better heat conduction and reduced cooling sound in the two new models.

Terms of use of Telegram digital currency wallets were announced

More than a year after the news of Blockchain and the company’s digital currency was published, Telegram finally officially introduced Gram and announced the terms of use of its wallet on its website. A noteworthy thing about Telegram’s digital currency is that it is banned from being used by sanctioned countries such as Iran. It counts. According to Telegram, the company will not have access to the private and public keys of its users, and also the fee for Telegram open network transactions (TON) is unknown.

Instructions for extracting digital currencies were developed

The Director General of the Planning and Financing Office of the Ministry of Silence announced the development of instructions for issuing establishment licenses and operating licenses for the extraction of digital currencies. Alireza Hadi, referring to the problems that existed at the beginning of the process of compiling the relevant instructions, spoke about the potential of the Blockchaink and the lack of this technology. The official also announced that the instructions have been finalized and will be announced by the Minister of Silence soon, however, given the newness of the constituency, the provincial organizations must be fully justified.

Winners and losers of the week

The most volatile capsules 35

Bitcoin and the digital currency market have had a relatively turbulent week. Bitcoin plummeted below $ 8,000 again early last week, but managed to rise to $ 8,800 with strong growth that began in mid-week. Even now, with the relatively sharp decline of bitcoin, the digital currency is trading at around $ 8320. Altcoins also had a relatively good week, recording significant growth as bitcoins grew. Ethereum and Ripple, which are currently in the second and third most valuable positions with a market value of 20.2 and 11.6, reached the highest prices of 196 and $ 0.287 last week. The market value of digital currencies has also increased by more than $ 8 billion over the past seven days.

Digital currencies that Most profitable Had this week:

  • Jewel digital currency: about 183%
  • Swarm City digital currency: about 175%
  • CryptoBonusMiles digital currency: about 149%

Digital currencies that The most loss Had this week:

  • Agrocoin digital currency: about 96%
  • Kalkulus digital currency: about 63%
  • Pascal digital currency: about 61%

Selected Quotes of the Week

Capsule 35: From the official announcement of Gram to Facebook being in a tight spot

Mark Cuban, technology investor

The thing about digital currencies, especially bitcoin, is that its value depends on what everyone pays for. I prefer to have bananas because I can eat them, but crypto. Does not.

Capsule 35: From the official announcement of Gram to Facebook being in a tight spot

Patrick Harker, President of the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia

Digital currencies are inevitable. I think it is better to start our work with this area.

Capsule 35: From the official announcement of Gram to Facebook being in a tight spot

Mark Branson, Head of Swiss Financial Markets Supervision

I’m more concerned with projects that are evolving in the dark side of the financial system and expanding into cyberspace until the day comes when they can no longer be stopped.

Capsule 35: From the official announcement of Gram to Facebook being in a tight spot

Bainance Research Department

Beckett’s disappointing start seems to be a major factor in the recent decline in the price of bitcoin.

Negative news of the week


The US Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected the Bitcoin ETF

The ETF rejected the bitcoin submitted by the NYSE Arca. The Bitcoin Wise ETF was not accepted by the SEC due to non-compliance with the requirements to prevent tampering and illegal activities. The SEC’s decision could be a strong response to the director of BitWise Research, who said in an interview last week that they were closer than ever to approving the Bitcoin ETF.

The cost of attacking digital currency wallets by hackers is only $ 160!

Previllion new findings show that for just $ 160 you can buy an active botnet and attack a digital currency wallet. Hackers used the Mana Trojan to trap investors and digital currency holders by spreading massive phishing emails as well as integrating them with malicious code. According to the research company, this botnet infects about two thousand devices every week.

Teter accused of losing more than $ 1 trillion by manipulating the market

Tetra’s controversial digital currency has reopened to a new case. In a lawsuit filed last week against Tetre and the Bitcoin exchange, the two companies were accused of manipulating the market and bitcoin prices for profit as well as trading losses. The traders’ estimate of the amount of losses incurred as a result of Tetra’s actions is a strange $ 1.4 trillion.

China’s trading giant blocks all bitcoin transactions!

Alibaba, the digital payment arm of the company, recently announced that it would block transactions in bitcoin and other digital currencies. Alipi wrote in a Twitter post emphasizing anti-digital currency policies that monitor off-platform transactions to identify abnormal activity. Previous reports have shown that large numbers of Chinese people used Alipi to buy and sell bitcoins.

Positive news of the week


Digital currencies can be defined as property

Hojjat-ul-Islam and Muslims Mohammad Mubasheri Aref said in hopeful speeches that bitcoin and digital currencies can also be property. Regarding bitcoin transactions, he said that the bitcoins that are now being traded for any reason do not have an external performance guarantee, but are well-received and are moving forward.

Bitcoin investment profit in 2019; Higher than gold and Wall Street stocks!

Statistics provided by the Masari Foundation show that Bitcoin had the best profitability in 2019 among all common assets. For example, among the successful assets of this year, gold has grown only 17% since December 2018, while Bitcoin has increased by more than 114% compared to its last price in 2018.

21 lessons I learned from Bitcoin


Collection “21 lessons I learned from BitcoinThe personal experience of a Bitcoin lover is that he has prepared it in 21 fascinating sections. Every week in the weekly capsule, we will be with you with one of the sections of this collection. In issue 35 of the weekly capsule, we have gone to the sixth part of this series. To read the previous parts of this series, refer to the previous issues of the capsule.

The power of ideas

Bitcoin is an idea. The idea, in its current form, is the manifestation of the empowered machines of texts. Every aspect of bitcoin is a collection of words: the white paper is the text. The software running by the nodes is lines of code. The general ledger is the text. Transactions are text. The private and public key is the text. Look at every aspect of it, you are on the side of words that are the equivalent of a speech.

Although the final war on digital currencies is not yet over, criminalizing an idea is very difficult; Especially an idea that is based entirely on exchanged text messages. Every time a government tries to make a speech or text legally invalid, it takes a step towards emptiness, which eventually leads to things like forbidden numbers or forbidden numbers.

Bitcoin will be unstoppable as long as you can talk and have freedom.

There is no reason why bitcoin should be texted, because it has always been text. Bitcoin is text. It is a speech. It cannot even be legislated in countries like the United States, where human rights are guaranteed and is the first country to withdraw its right to publish under government control. – Biotion

Bitcoin taught me that in a free society, software freedom and free speech are unstoppable.

Featured Articles of the Week


Bitcoin; A living being that breathes!

In this article, the author of the “21 Lessons I Learned from Bitcoin” redefines life, expressing the similarities between Bitcoin and a living thing. Do not miss this fascinating article that can enhance your view of Bitcoin!

Are Free Bitcoin Transactions Possible?

Bitcoin’s high fees have always been a concern. But the Bitcoin network is not always crowded. Whether or not a free transaction can be done on Bitcoin has always been a question for users. This article answers this question and explains the reasons.

What to do when the market falls?

Investing in a volatile digital currency market can be less risky than ever by listening to the experiences of other traders. In this article, Reza Jabari has published his experiences on controlling emotions during the market crash, which is not without merit for investors.


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