Candlestick chart

This chart looks great at first glance and is commonly used in stock exchanges and commodities. In some charts, a dot is used to indicate the use of a particular stock or commodity in a day. Because this information is so important, the price range of the goods traded during the day is not shown. In a candlestick chart, a vertical bar is used to show the daily trading volume. The top edge of the bar indicates the price (in bear market) at the beginning of a day and the bottom edge indicates the price at the end of the day (in bear market and market). bull). The visible lines, from the top to the bottom of the bar, represent the highest and lowest trading prices for the same day commodity (hence the candle wick is formed). The candlestick chart is one of the most accurate charts used to show the daily market, which identifies a wide range of activities of that period.

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