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By Coin Bass; Explosive growth in the price of tokens after being added to Quinbase

The Coinbase Effect is a theory in the field of digital currencies in which the digital currencies to be added to the Coinbase exchange experience experience strong price growth. Messari analysts believe that currencies that are added to the Quinbase exchange will generate an average profit of 91% in 5 days.

to the Report CoinDesk, after the announcement of the addition of Cardano digital currency to the Quinbase platform, Quinn Bess’s work attracted the attention of many researchers, and many began to conduct comprehensive studies to discuss this theory. Masari research is the latest of these studies that examined the performance of these tokens in the first 5 days of trading in Queen Base. In Masari research, the effects of adding currencies to the list of large exchanges such as Bainance, FuturesX, OKEx, Kraken and Gemini have been considered.

Interestingly, the results of this study show that the Coin Bass effect is real. Roberto Talamas, a researcher on digital currencies, wrote in an article entitled “The phenomenon of rapid exchange growth”:

The addition of Coin Bass to the list of trades, with 91% growth, had the highest average profit; This exchange also has the highest fluctuation range with a negative of 32% to 645%.

In recent months, the Coin Base Exchange has added ANKR, CVR and STORJ digital currencies to its list of supported currencies. The Coin File (FIL) has been one of the other currencies added to the Coin Base, and its price has more than doubled since then!

On March 16, Coin Bass announced plans to add Cardano to his platform. At the time, Cardano’s price was rising on the Kraken 36 platform. It is worth noting that on March 18 (March 25) and at the same time with the start of Cardano trading in Queen Base, part of this growth decreased. Of course, in Masari research, the date of origin is considered from the moment of the beginning of transactions.

Masari first deleted the outdated data from his statistics. These include fluctuations that have unrealistic effects on statistics.

Traffic statistics

The outdated data of some currencies, after being added to the exchange, would cause the mean to be erroneous and the chart to skew. Thalamas writes about this:

District0x, a platform used to build decentralized communities and markets, and Civic, an authentication solution, recorded 645 and 493 percent profit, respectively, which is considered out-of-date data.

Even with the removal of out-of-date data, Coin Bass still has the most impact before being released to an exchange.

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