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Bloomberg: NFT fever is declining; NFT digital currencies are likely to fall

Bloomberg experts say in a new report that the fever of unparalleled tokens is decreasing. They believe that after the peak of NFTs last month, we are witnessing the fall of this field.

to the Report Youtudi, Joanna Ossinger and Sunil Jagtiani, in their report, referring to the frightening situation of the NFTs, stated that price averages have been falling for several consecutive weeks.

In another part of their study, Essinger and Jagtiani concluded that the average price of unparalleled tokens had dropped to $ 1,400. This decrease has occurred after the free fall of this area in the last few weeks. The Nonfungible website, which references the prices of non-replicable tokens, shows a 70% drop in prices after the February highs.

On February 22, the average price to buy a unique token in public markets was $ 4,000. The last jump in this average dates back to early March. At the time, the average price was above $ 3,600.

The peak of the price of unparalleled tokens coincided with the sale of Beeple’s $ 69 million work. MetaKovan, the founder of the Metapurse token fund, bought the token.

The average price of unparalleled tokens
The average price of unparalleled tokens

Earlier, Justin Sun, creator of Theron, bought the masterpieces of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol for his box of unique tokens. With the addition of these works, the value of this fund reached more than $ 30 million.

As mentioned earlier, these tokens markets are entering one of their largest downturns. Chris Wilmer, a researcher and editor of the popular Blockchain, says with confidence that public interest in unparalleled tokens is far from declining. He added during this period:

Unparalleled tokens are no more bubbles than digital currencies. There will be a lot of madness and irrationality, but digital currencies are here to stay for a long time, and similar tokens are likely to be.

In 2021, we will see the start of various projects in the field of unique tokens in different blockchains. The first user-friendly market for unparalleled tokens in the Tezus Blockchain is one such project.


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