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Blockchain based video advertising platform

Blockchain Video Advertising Platform

The rise of video streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube and Hulu has forced video service providers to reconsider their traditional advertising model. Comcast is now developing a Blockchain-based video advertising platform.

Comcast Cable is currently moving to Blockchain technology to facilitate a new approach to video advertising. Comcast Advanced Ad Group plans to use its Blockchain-based platform to increase video ad performance.

Blockchain based video advertising platform

Using this platform, programmers and advertisers will be able to use consumer data to create and execute three accurate and targeted advertising campaigns for customers.

Comcast plans to expand its advertising business with Disney, NBCUniversal, Channel 4 (UK), Cox Communications and others to expand the technology. The partnership of these companies, along with Comcast’s huge market share, could make “Blockchain-based advertising” a standard in the video advertising industry.

Source : Iran Blockchaink Laboratory


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