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Black Market Buy and Sell Bitcoin Mining Farm Licenses

In June of this year, with the cessation of digital currency extraction units, the issuance of establishment licenses and exploitation licenses for mining farms was suspended. Currently, Mohammad Reza Sharafi, a member of the board of directors of the Iran Blockchain Association of Iran, says that despite the start of mining activities, the Ministry of Silence still refuses to issue licenses to establish and operate bitcoin mining farms.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From Economics 24, if you look at wall, trumpet, and other ad sites, you will come across ads for buying and selling licenses to establish or operate bitcoin farms, which, according to a member of the Blockchain and ICT Commission working group, caused the black market. Iranian trade is just one issue; Non-issuance of establishment license and exploitation license for Ramzarz mining farms by the Ministry of Silence.

However, Mohammad Reza Sharafi believes that if this trend continues, not only will the price of these licenses increase, but it will create rents for influential people, and on the other hand, it will force industry activists to operate illegally, because the legal path for mining is defined. Not to allow transparent activity.

A member of the board of directors of the Iran Blockchain Association of Iran has said:

Many people, after obtaining the establishment permit, have spent a lot of money to buy equipment to set up Ramzar farms, but the time has come to apply to the Ministry of Silence for a license to operate.

Sharafi added:

The Ministry of Silence has blocked the issuance of mining licenses for fictitious reasons, because the surplus was suspended by the former president’s order to shut down bitcoin farms, the establishment of licenses and exploitation licenses, while it was expected that licensing mining centers would start operating as before. In return, the Ministry of Silence has prevented this.

Black market selling old licenses

The mining activist said that the same gentlemen who hindered the legal activities of the mining activists in the previous government are also in office in the new government.

With the change of government, these people continue to carry out all kinds of stone-throwing at the feet of mining industry activists.

Sharafi continued:

With the continuation of this situation and the suspension of the issuance of establishment licenses and exploitation licenses for Ramzarz farms, the previously issued licenses will become valuable and a black market for licensing will be formed.

Black market buying and selling licenses for bitcoin mining farms
Sample advertisement for the sale of a license to establish a bitcoin mining farm

Suspension of licensing for the operation of renewable power plants

A member of the board of directors of the Blockchain Association’s Cryptocurrency Extraction Working Group continued:

Another problem is the lack of licensing for renewable power plants. These power plants are set up next to bitcoin farms to supply power to the centers without reliance on the national grid, but the Ministry of Silence no longer issues licenses for these power plants.

“Renewable power plants do not use the country’s resources at all,” Sharafi said.

Why is this being stopped? This is just a blow to the country’s electricity production and astonishes all experts.

A member of the Blockchain Working Group of the ICT Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce said:

Many cryptocurrency activists are looking to build renewable power plants next to their extraction center and use the electricity to extract cryptocurrencies at great expense.

Sharafi said that by doing so, there was a commotion in the licensing market and the only culprit was the Ministry of Silence.

In another month, when the license is suspended and the license is not issued, the black market of licenses will start. Before starting, the optimizer system must be reopened in accordance with the law and the licensing process must return to normal.


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