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Bitrex eliminated Monroe, Zee Cash and Dash currencies; Battle for privacy!

The Bitrex exchange announced yesterday that it is removing Monroe, Zick and Dash from the list of supported currencies. Green is another digital currency that Beatrix has removed from its list of currencies.

To Report CoinDesk, Beatrix will eliminate Monroe, Zieksh and Dash from January 15, 2021. However, the exchange did not provide any explanation as to why the currencies were removed. Bitterx, like many other exchanges around the world, seems to prefer customer privacy and anti-money laundering laws to the need to protect users’ privacy. In recent months, we have witnessed the removal of digital currencies from various exchanges.

On the other hand, the US Secret Service has increased its pressure on Congress, forcing its members to restrict the use of digital currencies that operate with a focus on privacy.

Dash’s Twitter account, referring to the Beatrix move, stated that attributing the title “Prius Quinn” to Dash was completely incorrect and wrote:

Technically, Dash has no more privacy capabilities than Bitcoin.

Dash also announced that he has asked Beatrix to add it to its list of supported currencies once the legal requirements of the exchange have been met.

Monroe fell 14.4 percent to $ 133 after the news. The price of ZiKash fell by 12.28% to $ 55.76. The price of the dash has also dropped to $ 88 since the announcement.


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