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Bitcoin recorded the best performance of all the last decade among all assets with 900% increase in value

Bitcoin’s annual return is astronomically higher than that of other asset classes. Over the past ten years, Bitcoin has been at the forefront of competing with other valuable assets for investment, with a profit of at least 10 times.

According to the report Coin Telegraph, Charlie Bilello, CEO and founder of Compound Capital Advisors, cites this interesting benchmark by compiling the performance of the top ten asset classes using data from the Ycharts platform.

Reacting to these findings, Masari researcher Roberto Talamas stressed that the leading bitcoin offers an average annual return of 230%, which is more than 10 times the annual profit of the second class of assets in this classification. .

Bitcoin recorded the best performance of all the last decade among all assets with 900% increase in value
Charlie Bello tweets about the performance of top assets over the past 10 years

The US Nasdaq 100 is in second place with an annual yield of 20%, followed by the Large Caps with an average annual yield of 14%. Large caps are a group of American companies with a market value of more than $ 10 billion. Fourth place in the table with 12.9% annual profit is less than the shares of American companies with market value. It is worth noting that the annual profits of other asset classes in the next ranks of this table are single digits.

The data also show that gold has had a modest annual return of 1.5 percent since 2011 and that the asset has gained nothing but negative returns and losses for its investors in the last five years out of 11 years. According to data from the Gold Price platform, the precious metal has fallen 8.5 percent since the beginning of 2021 and has annoyed Peter Schiff, a staunch opponent of Bitcoin and a prominent gold investor.

Since 2011, Bitcoin has had an astonishing cumulative profit of 20 million percent; Meanwhile, the best year in terms of performance of this digital currency was 2013 with 5,507% growth.

The data also show that bitcoin has been losing money in just two years. Bitcoin prices fell by 58% and 73% in 2014 and 2018, respectively.

Since the beginning of 2021, the price of bitcoin has increased by 108%. Yesterday (March 15), the king of digital currencies, once again broke his historical record and crossed the $ 61,500 mark.


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