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Bitcoin price crossed $ 35,000; New historical record

The price of Bitcoin reached a new record high an hour ago, reaching another record, reaching $ 35,000.

To Report At 7:30 a.m. Tehran time, the price of Bitcoin crossed the $ 35,000 mark. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 35,219 per unit.

In recent weeks, however, we have repeatedly seen the previous Bitcoin price records broken. The current uptrend started at the beginning of the last quarter of 2020 and has continued to this day.

According to market data, the price of bitcoin has grown by 347% since January 2020. Many market analysts and experts cite factors such as the influx of large and institutional investors, the good state of the network, and the increase in bitcoin acceptance and acceptance as fuel for bitcoin price spikes.

As Bitcoin grew, so did Ethereum, which rose 10 percent to $ 1,117. Meanwhile, Cardano’s price has grown by 25% in the last 24 hours, it has performed very well and each unit of this digital currency is trading in the range of $ 0.269.


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