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Bitcoin mining revenue has exceeded $ 1 billion in the past month

Recent data show that bitcoin miners earned more than $ 1.09 billion in mining in January. This is the highest income of miners since September 2017.

To Report The Block, the revenue of bitcoin miners, surpassed the January 2018 record of $ 1.02 billion. The highest monthly income recorded for bitcoin miners was also in September 2017. At that time, the monthly income of miners reached $ 1.25 billion at the same time as the peak of $ 20,000.

Miners' monthly income
Miners’ monthly income

Of the $ 1.07 billion in revenue last month, $ 1.09 billion came from network block bonuses. With bitcoin prices hovering above $ 30,000 and a record $ 42,000, miners’ revenue also grew sharply compared to December 2020.

At the same time, the increasing difficulty of bitcoin mining has been relatively stable due to the lack of supply of new mining equipment. As a result, the daily earnings of bitcoin miners rose to $ 0.25 in January (TH / s), the highest level since mid-2019.


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