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Bitcoin miners’ revenue hit a record

According to new statistics, the revenue of bitcoin miners, calculated in terms of conversion per second (TH / s), has reached a new record in 2020. At present, each miner earns $ 0.19 per torque per second of processing power.

To Report The Block, the latest data, shows that every bitcoin miner earns $ 0.19 per day per processing power; This is the highest bitcoin mining revenue in 2020. The previous record for the highest mining income was in February of this year (March 1998) and before the recent Hawing, when Bitcoin was trading at around $ 10,500, it was equal to $ 0.17. These data use a seven-day moving average to calculate bitcoin mining revenue in terms of hash per second.

Bitcoin miners' revenue hit a record
Bitcoin miner revenue in terms of hash per second (seven-day moving average)

Yesterday, the total revenue of bitcoin miners was $ 24.27 million, of which $ 21.59 million came from block rewards and the rest from transaction fees.

Separation of bitcoin miners' revenue sources
Separation of Bitcoin Miners Revenue Sources (Purple Block Bonus, Trading Fee Pink)

Despite the increase in bitcoin miners’ revenue, the difficulty of mining has remained the same for about a month. Extraction difficulty is currently 18.60 trillion, which is less than the historical peak of October (October), which was in the range of 20 trillion. Mining difficulty indicates how high the miners’ competition for block rewards is.


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