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Bitcoin miners made about $ 1 billion last month!

New data show that bitcoin miners earned more than $ 970 million in July. This figure has increased by $ 100 million compared to June (June) but is still far from its historical peak of $ 1.75 billion.

to the Report New data from The Block show that bitcoin miners earned $ 971.83 million in July, of which $ 27.59 million came from network transaction fees. Transaction fee refers to the amount that users pay to use the Bitcoin network.

As usual, most of the miners’ revenue last month came from bitcoin mining bonus rewards. It is worth mentioning that currently the production of each block has a bonus of 6.25 bitcoins. It should not be forgotten that bitcoin mining is profitable only when the miners’ current expenses are less than their income.

Bitcoin miners made about $ 1 billion last month!
Bitcoin Miners Monthly Income Chart

Although last month bitcoin miners’ revenue rose more than $ 100 million from $ 839.09 million in June, it is still far from the $ 1.75 billion high recorded in March.

One month after the historic peak of miners’ monthly earnings, in April, the price of Bitcoin reached a record high of $ 69,899.


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