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Bitcoin market sentiment is out of fear; What is the next move?

Recent data show that with the rise in the price of bitcoin, the index of fear and greed has moved out of the area of ​​fear, and investors are now somewhat relieved.

to the Report Bitcoin Telegraph, Bitcoin on October 2 (October 10) and after overcoming the resistance ahead, was able to maintain its position at high levels, and as a result, market sentiment has entered the uptrend.

Fear left the Bitcoin market - Bitcoin investors are no longer afraid
Bitcoin price chart (1 hour view of Bitcoin market / dollar)

New data shows that the bitcoin market is now worryingly calm after a $ 3,000 uptrend on Friday.

As Bitcoin maintained its high price levels in August, the borrowing pressure shows no sign of a return this weekend. Borrowing pressure occurs when there is a rapid increase in the price of an asset for technical reasons, not market fundamentals. Borrowing pressures may occur when there is a shortage of supply and the demand for an asset increases too much.

Now the question for Michael van de Poppe, author of the Coin Telegraph, is what this period of price stabilization will be like in the coming days.

Van DePoop said on YouTube on Friday:

If a correction is to be made, you probably do not want to [قیمت] Go down as much. I think the lowest level you can expect is in the $ 45,000 range.

Van de Depop, however, added that he saw the continued uptrend as a result of short-term price movements and had little to do with further price declines early last week.

A comparison of buying and selling levels at Bainance Exchange shows that the first bullish resistance is at the $ 48,000 level.

Fear left the Bitcoin market - Bitcoin investors are no longer afraid
Index of levels of buying and selling in the market of Bitcoin / Tetra currency pairs

Rekt Capital, a leading digital currency trader and analyst, is equally optimistic. He says Bitcoin has been building higher heights (Higher Lows) for four months, and each time the price has risen, these levels have faced strong buyer support. The formation of higher floors means that the new price floor is higher than the previous price floor.

Referring to the situation of the fear and greed index, he said that in general, after the price movements on Friday, the fear has left the bitcoin market once again.

Capital Company has said:

Following yesterday’s tremendous jump in Bitcoin, other investors from [این ارز دیجیتال] They are not afraid. Intense fear takes precedence over trading opportunities.

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The Fear and Greed Index was in the intense fear zone on Thursday. This index has risen from 20% to the current level of 54% and has entered the neutral zone.

Fear left the Bitcoin market - Bitcoin investors are no longer afraid
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index


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