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Bitcoin is now among the top 10 most valuable assets in the world

With a market value of $ 638 billion, Bitcoin is on the list of the world’s top assets by far behind, following in the footsteps of big names like Alibaba and Tesla.

To Report Bitcoin, the price of bitcoin has risen more than 75 percent in the past month and 25 percent in the past week and is currently in the $ 34,000 range. This price increase and the increase in bitcoins in the cycle has pushed the market value of the king of digital currencies to $ 638 billion.

Achieving this market value was enough to make Bitcoin the ninth most valuable asset in the world, according to its Asset Dash website listing. The website tracks stock prices, tradable funds and digital currencies.

Less than two weeks ago, Bitcoin replaced Visa on the list. Apple tops the list with a market value of $ 2.23 trillion, followed by Microsoft ($ 1.65 trillion) and Amazon ($ 1.62 trillion). Google’s parent company Alphabet ($ 1.18 trillion) and Facebook ($ 773 billion) also ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

Bitcoin is now among the top 10 most valuable assets in the world

If Bitcoin continues to rise, it could soon overtake Alibaba, Tesla and Tencent to finish sixth on the list. The Chinese company Tencent is worth more than $ 698 billion. Tesla, Elon Musk, is also in seventh place with $ 697 billion. Alibaba, a tech company with a value of $ 650 billion, is only $ 12 billion short of the market value of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not the only digital currency that has seen such an upward trend. Ethereum is now the 82nd most valuable asset in the world with a market value of $ 125 billion. Ethereum prices have risen 50 percent over the past week, beating Morgan Stanley and Starbucks.

Given the current price of Ethereum at the time of writing, this digital currency has risen to 75th place.

Teter (ranked 475), Litecoin (ranked 804), XRP (ranked 812), Polkadot (ranked 877), Cardano (ranked 922) and Bitcoin Cash (ranked 939) are other digital currencies that are among the thousand assets. Are superior.


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