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Bitcoin extraction in Tehran Municipality; The relevant official was dismissed

Confirming the news of the discovery of bitcoin miners in one of the subdivisions of Tehran Municipality, a member of the Presidium of the Tehran City Council said: “These cases should not cause the monitoring and management methods of the municipality to be questioned, considering the extent of the municipality’s performance.”

According to digital currency and to Quoted From Moj, Zahra Nejad Bahram, a member of the presidium of Tehran City Council, said in an interview with a reporter of Moj News Agency:

Apparently, this issue was raised through one of our compatriots and through popular messages. I also heard about this issue and due to the importance of the issue, I followed up on the issue of municipal protection.

He added:

During my follow-up, I realized that, unfortunately, the essence of the story was true, and in the municipal terminals, a number of miners were used to extract currency illegally, which, incidentally, the security noticed and prevented.

Nejad Bahram, emphasizing that only one case of this type of violation has been observed, said:

Subsequent investigations showed that there was only one case of violation of the use of miners, the case of which was handed over to the judicial authorities and the head of the relevant department was dismissed.

A member of the presidium of the Tehran City Council, emphasizing that this incident took place a few months ago, in response to the question why there is not sufficient and strict supervision in the municipality for such violations? said:

There is supervision, but the municipality is so extensive that, despite all the supervision, it is not impossible for violations to occur.

Nejad Bahram continued:

We have only a thousand kilometers of optical cables in the municipality, and because of the electronic processes of very advanced and huge hardware and software systems, which also consume a lot of electricity, and you can see similar ones in less organizations.

He said:

On the other hand, the municipality is a very large family with only about 60,000 employees. This can also tempt some people who may want to take advantage of such a huge capacity, which, of course, is prevented as much as possible by available expressions. However, in some cases, we see such violations, such as the installation and illegal use of minor devices.

The race of Bahram stated:

Given the breadth of the municipality’s performance, these should not call into question the municipality’s regulatory and management practices.


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