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Bill Gates to Bitcoin Buyers: If you have less money than Elon Musk, be careful!

The founder of Microsoft warned that those who have less money than Elon Musk should be careful about buying bitcoins. He went on to emphasize his previous position, adding that he did not have a positive view of bitcoin.

to the the report The Microsoft Telegraph has warned Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates of those who want to buy bitcoins with the success of Ilan Musk’s investor strategy. In an interview with Bloomberg correspondent Emily Chang, he said Ilan Musk had access to advanced trading management techniques that average investors are deprived of.

Asked about the possibility of a fall in the price of Bitcoin in response to a tweet referring to Ilan Musk’s activities on social media, Gates said that Ilan Musk is likely to be immune to such market declines. He said:

You know, Ilan has a lot of money and he is very skilled. I do not think his bitcoins will go up or down by accident.

On February 23, about two weeks after Tesla announced it had bought $ 1.5 billion worth of bitcoin, the price of bitcoin fell 20 percent from $ 58,258 to $ 46,624. At the same time, $ 400 million of the total value of the global digital currency market was lost.

Interestingly, the crash came just hours after Musk himself commented that current bitcoin and ether prices were high. Whether these statements are criticism or an attempt to reduce the likelihood of investigation [نهادهای نظارتی] As for the impact of the Musk on the price of digital currencies, the result was that the entire market fell.

Gates pointed out that it is wrong for moderate investors to blindly follow the madness of optimism about Musk measures in the market. He warned non-billionaires to be “careful”.

Gates added:

I think people are attracted to these madmen who do not have much money. That’s why I don’t have a positive view of Bitcoin, and my general view is this: If you have less money than Ilan, you should probably be careful.

The founder of Microsoft raised the issue of bitcoin energy consumption and said that this digital currency is not very profitable in terms of output efficiency.

Gates explained:

There are things in society that have an output and we invest in it. Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy. Promotes anonymous transactions and these transactions are non-refundable.

According to Gates, digital currencies are not necessarily a bad thing, but he believes they should be transparent, reversible, and necessarily focused. He described the efforts made by digital currencies since the beginning of the Covid 19 epidemic, noting that the Gates Foundation has used this technology to enable governments to distribute financial aid to the public.


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