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Beware of GramFree scams; Gram has not been released yet!

A fake website called “GramFree” has become popular among Iranian users in cyberspace and promises to give free Gram, Telegram’s digital currency; While Gram has not been released yet.

The fake GramFree website claims to donate Gram units to users in exchange for doing things like invite new members to the system, watch videos, and more.

First of all, it should be said that Telegram digital currency has not been offered yet and due to Telegram’s legal problems with the US Stock Exchange Commission, it will probably not be offered until 2021. Gram is not currently traded in any exchange and if it is offered in the future, it will not be offered for free in this way.

The Gram Free website tries to attract more victims by showing fake bank transactions to pay users several thousand dollars.

Beware of GramFree scams;  Gram has not been released yet!

The question may be, how does this website benefit from this work? On this website, there are options for recharging accounts with Bitcoin and other payment methods, and according to the site, by recharging accounts, you can work more professionally or invest in grams without performing tasks on the site. Gram Free can easily make a lot of money selling this method.

Also, by requesting email and registering personal information in some features, this website can earn a lot of money by selling information, misusing information for future scams, online advertising and و through visitors.

The anonymity of the operators and the lack of formal means of communication confirm the fraud. The domain was registered in 2020 in Panama (a country known as a money laundering paradise). On foreign websites as well thesnappingpoint Who reports on scams has been warned about Gram Free.

Apart from GramFree, there are other similar schemes that try to take advantage of users’ ignorance in the same way and with different names.


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