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Beckett, in partnership with Starbucks, launched the Bitcoin Safe Wallet

The Bakkt trading platform has announced that it has launched its own digital asset wallet called the Bakkt App. This wallet allows users to store and spend digital assets.

to the Report Cryptonews, another feature of this wallet can be converted user points into cash or bitcoin. Beckett refers to digital assets as digital currencies, bonus points awarded to users, and other assets. Beckett’s website, on the other hand, only mentions bitcoin as a digital currency. In part of Beckett’s announcement, we read:

Backtop is now available in the Google Store and Apple AppStore in collaboration with well-known brands such as Starbucks, GolfNow, Best Buy, Choice Hotels and Fiserv.

According to Beckett, more than 500,000 users participated in the testing phase of the application, which was only possible by invitation. Beckett added:

On average, our users have digital assets, from gift cards to loyalty points and bitcoins, but there was no tool to properly track these assets and use their value.

Beckett states that all user assets are held securely by Beckett for the purpose of securing users. The interesting thing about Beckup App services is the lack of fees.

Users can use Beckett’s wallet to charge their Starbucks cards via Starbucks iOS software. According to Beckett, Starbucks customers can convert loyalty points, bitcoins, points for frequent use of the company’s services and gift cards into dollars in BecketUp and use them to recharge their Starbucks cards.

Best Buy is another of Beckett’s partners. Beckett users can take advantage of special offers from Best Buy. Purchases must also be made by means of Beckett visa credit cards.

Another feature of using this wallet is the possibility of converting Choice Hotels rewards through backup app. There are several options for converting these points in the backup.

Fisro also allows its users to cash in on uChoose rewards. This money can be used to buy gift cards and send them to friends or pay.

Beckett users can also pay for their Golfone subscription using Beckett’s defined digital assets.

Beckett plans to increase the number of users to 18 million by next year; This means twice the number of users expected to use Beckett by 2021. According to the company’s plans, the number of users in 2023 and 2024 will reach 23 and 27 million, respectively.


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