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Bainance predicts: Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 by 2022

In a recent interview, Catherine Coley, CEO of Bainance USA, called the current trend the “stronger” version of the bullish market in 2017 and said that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000.

To Report The Gypsy Telegraph believes that the current market signs and the current uptrend indicate that the price of Bitcoin may reach $ 100,000.

In an interview with KLTA, Gypsy said that the recent jump in the price of Bitcoin from $ 19,000 to $ 34,000 may be due to the large number of institutional investors entering the digital currency market. He added that based on what happened before the 2017 ascent, it is likely that we will see a “stronger” uptrend compared to that time. He was referring to Hawing in 2016 and the events we witnessed a year and a half later. “Gypsy said in part:

Maybe we thought $ 50,000 would make sense, [ولی] I think this figure will definitely be a little higher. I think by the end of 2021 we will be moving towards bitcoin $ 75,000 and $ 100,000.

Katherine Gypsy is not the only person to have such a bullish view on the price of bitcoin. Dan Held, a senior executive at Kraken Exchange, said last year that Bitcoin could enter a “superbike” in 2021, which could eventually push it up to $ 1,000,000. Held also predicted last week that as the acceptance of digital currencies increased, the price of bitcoin could grow 100-fold.

It should not be forgotten that the recent jump in the price of Bitcoin has also attracted the attention of many media giants around the world. The Financial Times wrote on the front page of its issue today:

Bitcoin Flight; The price of Bitcoin reached $ 30,000.

Bitcoin is currently trading in the $ 32,900 range. And compared to the last 24 hours, it has decreased by 2.22 percent.

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