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Azari Jahromi: Rising Blockchain makes filtering obsolete

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Technology of Iran, referring to the emergence of blockchain technology and satellite Internet, called filtering an obsolete measure.

According to Arzdigital Digital and quoted by IRNA, Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi said in his new remarks:

We planned to connect all the villages in the country to the Internet by the end of the government, but the corona epidemic accelerated the work, and it became necessary to define more deprived areas with special needs as a special project.

Explaining the provision and strengthening of the Internet in rural areas to provide virtual education for rural students, the Minister of Communications and Technology said:

There are very few areas with limited access, and now 98% of the country’s population has access to the Internet, and only 10% of villages with a population of 2% of the total population are not yet connected, for which we have formed a special working group.

Azari Jahromi also said regarding the increase of telework productivity during the Corona era:

Our program is one of the broadband development in the country that has been done and the second is to support businesses that provide telecommunications services. We supported these businesses through the Innovative Plan. But the most important program for us and the government is to move towards e-government, which has been emphasized by the Corona headquarters.

He continued:

All devices have to bring their three most popular and popular services in the context of the “mobile government” application, which has also grown significantly.

The Minister of Communications also said about satellite internet and the possibility of filtering it:

The development of technology and the rise of blockchain and satellite Internet and و will make filtering obsolete. Basically, filtering should be forgotten and if a new technology is on the way, we should not think about filtering it.

He added:

What is original is the competition to gain a market, and we must plan for the principles of service and gaining market share. We must move towards free competition in this space so that we can have a share of the future market in this field


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