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Apple Pay, Apple Pay Service, Announces Indirect Acceptance of Bitcoin

Apple Pay, Apple’s payment service, recently announced that it is supporting digital currency payments in partnership with BitPay. Payment support will only be limited to Bitcoin credit cards.

to the Report Cryptobrading, Bitcoin MasterCard holders can make their payments this way by adding their digital currency credit cards to Apple Pay service. Bitup believes that Google and Samsung will be the next companies to do so.

RBC Capital Market recently reported that Apple could significantly increase its profits by supporting digital currency payments in its wallet. It is worth noting that the cooperation between Bitcoin and Apple in the field of digital currency payments will initially be internal.

Bitcoin is the largest company active in the processing of digital currency payments. Buyers and sellers can use Bitcoin services to pay for or receive their goods and services in digital currencies. There is also the option of buying with Fiat currencies for these people.

This partnership could help Apple gauge the demand for digital currency payments among its users.

Users can charge their Bitcoin credit cards with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Stable digital currencies such as USDC, GUSD, Pax and BUSD‌. Bitcoin MasterCard credit card services are offered to US citizens only.

The CEO of Bitcoin also announced that Google Pay and Samsung Pay will soon start supporting Bitcoin Pay credit cards. MasterCard is another big name that has previously announced that it will add direct payments in digital currencies to its services.


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