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Apple app and Coin Bass work together to make payments

Quinn Base Exchange, in partnership with Apple, allows American users to use their Visa cash card on iPhones. It is worth mentioning that the possibility of using Coin Base cash cards in Google Pay service will be available to users from now on.

to the the report CoinDesk, coinbase exchange, announced on Tuesday that the exchange card will be synchronized with Apple Pay and Google Pay software.

Coin Bass also said in a blog post that he will begin offering cash rewards to those on the waiting list this week. This feature, which was introduced in European markets in 2019, will now be available throughout the United States (except Hawaii).

The Quinbase cash card works in such a way that when used, the user’s digital assets are converted into Fiat money, allowing them to make purchases with their digital currencies wherever there is a card reader.

It is worth noting that in this method, Coin Base provides a 4% bonus for Stellar Assets (XLM) and 1% for Bitcoin.

Mastercard and Gemini exchange plan to unveil a digital currency credit card with 3% interest for Bitcoin. BlockFi is also working on a digital currency credit card with a rewards program.

Because bitcoin has become more of an asset in the minds of most users than a medium of exchange, payment methods have shifted to digital currency payments despite unfavorable tax laws in the United States.

Verified users can use their cards on the app immediately, Coin Bass said Tuesday.


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