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Announcement: The digital currency collection does not have an exchange; Beware of misuse of digital currency names

Considering the abuse of the name and brand of “Digital Currency” in social networks, you can read the official announcement of the Digital Currency Collection below:

Digital Currency Collection does not provide any digital currency trading services and does not have any other channels or pages on various social networks except in the main information channels mentioned below.

The digital currency brand, at least at this stage, has no exchange or exchange service, and all the pages and platforms that claim this issue and try to gain trust with the name and reputation of the digital currency brand are being abused and sometimes fraudulent. Will encounter.

Digital Currency also reserves the right to advertise businesses after a thorough and initial evaluation. However, since businesses may change their operations after approval, the final validation is up to the users. Also in the case of exchanges, in general, the digital currency collection has always been advised to always keep their assets in personal wallets, and it is better not to use exchange platforms as wallets.

Read the “Advertising Disclaimer” announcement for more information.

Websites and official digital currency pages on social networks:


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