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Announcement of Electricity Distribution Company: 82 miners have been discovered from Tehran Stock Exchange Company

Tehran Power Distribution Company, in its recent announcement, explaining the number of miner devices discovered in the Tehran Stock Exchange, promised that serious action will be taken against the perpetrators of these actions.

According to Arzdigital, Tehran Electricity Distribution Company in Notifications He wrote:

Regarding the discovery of a number of illegal cryptocurrencies in the Tehran Stock Exchange Company, we would like to inform our compatriots that the electricity industry will deal seriously with this case in accordance with the existing laws.

Tehran Electricity Distribution Company, in describing the number of miners discovered, announced:

In this regard, it states that according to the report of the site inspectors, 82 miners who were not in orbit at the time of the company’s visit were seized and confiscated.

The final part of this announcement states:

The electricity industry emphasizes that the maintenance or connection of unlicensed Ramzarz extraction devices in any way and in any place is illegal and its responsibility in organizational cases is the responsibility of the highest authority of the organization and in other cases is the responsibility of the person holding the electricity branch. The executive and other agencies should carefully observe the above cases to prevent the abuse of profiteers who provide conditions for damage to the public interest and the country’s electricity network.


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