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An informed source: Central Bank’s position on digital currency exchange gateways will be announced by Thursday

A source familiar with digital currency said that the final status of the payment gateways of Iranian digital currency exchanges will be determined by Thursday.

Exclusive to digital currency – A source familiar with digital currency said that in the meeting to be held on Wednesday, the central bank and relevant officials will decide on the status of payment gateways of active digital currency exchanges in the country and the results will be made public on Thursday.

After an urgent letter from the Speaker of Parliament, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, to the Central Bank and the government to organize the digital currency market in Iran and prevent the payment gateway to exchange offices, associations and various digital currency organizations in Iran tried to prevent this action. According to them, not providing the payment gateway to digital currency exchanges with only one letter is against the regulations and has no “legal approval”.

The central bank has not yet responded formally to the letter, and the final status is expected to be determined in the coming days.


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