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Americans prefer bitcoin to gold for investment

A recent Bitflyer study shows that American households are more interested in investing in bitcoin than they are in investing in gold. However, the results of this study in Japan show the opposite.

To Report The website of the Japanese digital currency exchange Bitflyer has published research articles in which it examines the feelings and investment trends in the field of digital currencies in the United States and compares it with the Japanese market.

The most obvious difference between Americans and Japanese in accepting digital currencies is shown by a simple question from survey participants. In this study, participants were asked what their approach is to investing in digital currencies.

Emotions in the field of digital currencies
How do you feel about investing in digital currencies?

76% of Americans have a positive view of digital currencies. Meanwhile, 78% of Japanese people disapprove of digital currencies.

Circular diagrams show two completely opposite approaches and show how the two markets are miles apart in accepting digital currencies. The timing of this study is unclear, but it can be assumed that the general upward trend in bitcoin prices in recent months has helped increase interest in digital currencies in the United States.

As for Japan, one can only guess that the generally skeptical and conservative view of the Japanese towards unknown and new phenomena has led to the people’s reluctance towards digital currencies.

As public interest in investing as a solid financial backing has grown, a survey found that 82 percent of Americans invest in financial assets. But a survey by the Pew Research Institute found that just a few months ago, 52 percent of Americans invested in financial assets. This reinforces the hypothesis that the imposed reality of the corona virus has created a growing public interest in securing their financial future.

Among investors, bitcoin / digital currencies have surpassed gold, ranking fourth on the list of most popular investment instruments. Stock market investment, 410 k (US pension plan) and real estate are in the first to third place, respectively.

Investment 2021
Which investment assets do you think will be more attractive in 2021?

Interestingly, a comparison of American and Japanese sentiments shows that there are conflicting sentiments among Japanese. In Japan, 69% of people do not invest in financial assets.

In the United States and Japan, men are more likely to invest than women, according to unreliable sources.

Looking forward to 2021 as a turning point in the year after the Corona crisis, 68% of Americans plan to increase their investment activity. Only 18% of Japanese plan to do so.

Bitcoin surpassed gold as the most popular investment tool in the United States
Do you have any plans to invest more in 2021?

As can be seen, there are a range of people in both countries who do not intend to increase their investment in 2021. Americans say they will be reluctant to invest due to a lack of funding due to the Corona epidemic. But the Japanese are turning away from it because of the investment risks, and the decision has nothing to do with the new conditions posed by the corona virus.


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