Altcoins Price Analysis

Altcoin price analysis; Quantum price growth of 200% in one month

Quantum prices have risen 200 percent in the past month. Experts cite the ability to work with other blockchains and the release of version 2.5.5 of Overledger as reasons for this growth.

Coin Telegraph in Report Recently, he mentions the ability to communicate between blockchains and the cooperation of different networks as one of the booming areas in the current market situation; This is because investors are now looking for the most efficient ways to transfer their capital from one network to another.

Quantum is one of those digital currencies that works by focusing on blockchain interoperability. This digital currency, which has just reached its historic peak, is helping various businesses to take advantage of distributed head office technology in their operations.

Market data show that the Quantum (QNT) price was $ 178 last Wednesday, and in just 5 days, it managed to record a growth of 117% and reach a historic high of $ 387. The trading volume of this digital currency reached more than $ 740 million in 24 hours.

Updating the protocol to OverLerger 2.0.5, launching a development program, and adding to the list of large exchange transactions are among the reasons for Quantum growth.

Quantum price chart
Quantum price chart

Expand interoperability between blockchains

The release of OverLerger 2.0.5, which acts as a distributed Quantum General Office portal for businesses, enables communication between protocols and other networks. This feature allows users to connect to any distributed system, network or head office.

According to Quantum, the release of OverLarger 2.0.5 is a significant achievement in establishing a link between the trading ecosystem and stable coins, the DeFi domain, the NFT domain, and popular ERC20 and ERC721-based assets. They used to settle accounts.

OverLerger programming interface supports settlement of accounts between different assets and stable coins. Other features of this new update include the ability to bail out unparalleled tokens and make payments with multiple distributed general ledgers. Users can also use various options to settle accounts, such as a combination of lending and equity.

Incentive programs for developers

According to experts, another reason for the increase in quantum prices is the developer program of this platform, which has been implemented with the aim of attracting new developers.

As you know, society is a perfect Blockchain ecosystem to measure its success; On the other hand, developers also play a very important role in creating applications and protocols that can be one of the main factors in attracting more users.

Successful networks such as Polkadot, Ethereum and Cosmos have active developers, so if Quantum can achieve this, it will certainly be smoother than ever.

Added to the list of major exchanges

The availability of quantum tokens in large digital currency exchanges is one of the factors that has led to its price growth.

Over the past few months, this digital currency has been added to exchanges such as Coin Base and Bainance. The addition of such exchanges has increased its trading volume from an average of $ 9 million to more than $ 740 million.

Many market monitoring platforms, such as Quinn Telegraph owned by VORTECS, had a positive outlook for this digital currency.

Altcoin price analysis;  Quantum price growth of 200% in one month

As you can see in the chart above, Quantum managed to reach a score of 72 on the Vertex platform on Saturday. In the three days since, the digital currency has grown 102 percent.


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