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All Dogecoin supporters on the way to the top; 27,000% growth in one year

The price of Dogecoin managed to record a new historical peak yesterday with a significant jump. The jump came after Gemini Exchange announced that it was adding Dogecoin to its list of supported currencies. Including the recent jump, the Dogecoin price has risen 27,000 percent over the past year.

to the the report Cryptocurrency currently trades at $ 0.69 per Dogecoin, up 56 percent from the previous 24 hours. Dogecoin prices have risen 100 percent in the past week. Dogecoin’s recent leap has put the marginal digital currency in fourth place after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bainance Coin.

Dogecoin price indices

IntoTheBlock’s Twitter account wrote in a tweet yesterday, referring to the price of this digital currency crossing the $ 0.5 resistance barrier:

Dogecoin! what are you doing?

In another part of this tweet, it says:

A $ 1,000 investment in Dogecoin earlier this year was worth $ 100,000 today.

The rise in Dogecoin coincided with the addition of this digital currency to the Gemini exchange list. The exchange announced yesterday that it will add Dogecoin to its trading platform and trust services. Gemini wrote in his tweet:

Dogecoin’s deposit has already begun.

One hour after the start of Dogecoin trading in Gemini and the sharp rise in the price of Dogecoin, the Robinhead trading platform announced that the trading process of this platform has been accompanied by problems.

On the other hand, many familiar letters in various industries also praised Dogecoin. Budweiser and Slim Jim were among the companies that tweeted in praise of Dogecoin.

The interesting thing was the silence of Elon Musk. Known for controversial tweets about Dogecoin, he did not comment on Dogecoin’s recent leap.


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