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All about Ethereum’s new hard fork called Metropolis

The last few weeks have been very exciting and exciting for digital currencies. China bans ICOs Prior to this news, Bitcoin had reached the highest price in its history and Ethereum was conquering the peaks of the market.

This move by the Chinese government was not too surprising. China has always been conservative about technology throughout history.

Of course, regulations are needed, given that the total market value of digital currencies is currently more than $ 150 billion. Russia and South Korea have also enacted ICO laws.

All about Ethereum's new hard fork called Metropolis

Most tokens are located on the Ethereum platform

But this is not the end. Predictions show that digital currencies will win in the end. Because they still have a lot of room for improvement. Digital currencies are also updating themselves with new forks.

The new hardfork is called Metropolis Ethereum and will be offered with the aim of improving the Ethereum network. According to many experts, this hard fork will reveal the main features of Ethereum and you will see the real Ethereum after the release of Metropolis.

Ethereum Roadmap

The first stage of publication – Frontier fork tested in July 2015.
The second stage of publication – Homestead Fork, officially launched in March 2016.
The third stage of publication – Metropolis Fork will be released in late September 2017. (According to Roadmap)
The fourth stage of publicationThe Serenity fork will be built as the last major Ethereum fork.

Metropolis Hard Fork will greatly help users speed and security and reduce extraction difficulty. This large hard fork will probably push the price up a lot as well. By the time the Homestead fork was released, most tokens had experienced more than 100 percent price growth. On March 14, 2016, when the Homestead fork was released, Ethereum prices rose more than 172 percent. Before, like these days, Ethereum had faced a slight drop in price.

Ethereum Inventor Predicts New Hardfork

Ethereum inventor and thinker Vitalik Butrin said in a meeting with Ethereum developers about a year ago that due to the issue of the Ethereum ice age, extraction will become more difficult over time. Therefore, with the release of the new hardfork, the price of Ethereum will increase, and this will cause the extractors to turn to Ethereum, and therefore the competition for extraction will increase and the extraction will go to the hard side again. So we have to choose the best time to present the new hard fork.

Hardcore Cores of Metropolis

September is an exciting month for Ethereum enthusiasts. The Ethereum Development Team is working hard to make significant progress in the Ethereum. This hardfork is ready to alleviate worries. The Hardfork Metropolis is divided into two cores: Byzantium and Constantinople. Byzantium is set to release on the 4.3 million block, with a possible release date of September 22nd. As for the nucleus of Constantinople, its release date is not yet known, but it will probably be implemented after the Byzantine nucleus.

The core of the Byzantine metropolis

This kernel will modify the Ethereum 9 protocol. These changes include changes in data recovery, reducing network complexity, static call command, and the ability to execute new code. These changes are planned to cause the least damage to the network. Changes have also been made to set incomplete codes in smart contracts, leading to non-payment in the event of a programming error. The security of contracts has also increased.

Another positive change is the delay in the difficulty of extracting the Ethereum (known as the “explosion countdown”). Byzantium does not prolong the confirmation time of the transaction. Another change in the extraction process is the prevention of repetitive stiffness errors and makes the blocks more stable. A new encryption called zk-snarks on the Byzantine kernel makes it possible to create completely private transactions in Ethereum.

The core of Constantinople is the metropolis

In this kernel, it is possible to reduce the difficulty of the contract approval process, and lighter clients can be used in the network. In general, the speed and security of transactions will increase in this core.

Definitely everyone Ethereum enthusiasts are counting the moments for this hard fork. With changes and improvements such as reduced extraction difficulty, increased speed and more security that this fork will bring to Ethereum, if nothing special happens, we should expect a large price increase in Ethereum. The exact release date of this hardfork has not been released, but some time has been announced for late September or early October (late September – early October).

All about Ethereum's new hard fork called Metropolis

Ethereum Forks app

Hardfork Frontier

It was the first hardfork version released from the Ethereum network. This fork, which is the backbone of the Ethereum system, was released in September 2015. Extraction and exchanges were defined in Frontier.

Homestead Hard Fork

The Homestead fork is Ethereum’s second largest fork, and Ethereum is currently working on this hard fork. In this fork, transaction speeds and extraction ability became easier.

Hard Fork DAO

The DAO Hard Fork was released to allow decentralized applications, creating a rift in the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain split and created the new classic Ethereum currency.

Soft Fork Tangerine Whistle

Tangerine Soft Fork upgraded geth wallets and clients and made extraction a little easier.

Soft Fork Spurius Dragon

Like the previous Soft Fork, this soft fork upgraded geth wallets and clients and made extraction easier.

Metropolis Hard Fork

The Ethereum Development Team has verbally announced that the fork will be available in late September. Metropolis will bring big changes. This fork can be very useful to get out of the Ethereum ice age.

Hard Fork Serenity

The Serenity Hard Fork will be Ethereum’s last hard fork and will complete the protocol. Release date is not yet known.


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