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Alex Jones says he has lost a laptop containing 10,000 bitcoins

Alex Jones, the infamous presenter of the Infowars program, claims to have lost a laptop that contained 10,000 bitcoins. He got the laptop 10 years ago with all the 10,000 bitcoins in it from Max Keiser.

to the the report Bitcoin Dotcom Jones, founder of the right-wing media group Infovars, says he has lost a laptop containing 10,000 bitcoins. He announced the disappearance of the laptop on Tuesday in the presence of Andrew Shulz and Akaash Singh on Flagrant 2. Jones claims that Kaiser gave him that many bitcoins with the same laptop 10 years ago.

Jones is known for his conspiracy theories. New York magazine has described him as “the world’s top conspiracy theorist.” The Poverty Law Center described Jones as “the most powerful conspiracy theorist in contemporary American history.”

Jones has long been known as one of the critics of Bitcoin. In mid-February, he told Kaiser on live television:

You’re right, I should have entered the realm of bitcoin a long time ago.

The talks took place at a time when Kaiser had predicted that the price of bitcoin would reach $ 400,000.

“Jones said on his Thursday program:

Ten years ago, Max Kaiser came to me and said that I had brought you 10,000 bitcoins. This [بیت کوین] Is the future. The new world currency will be the world. His speech has been recorded. I swear.

[همان] I lost a laptop with 10,000 bitcoins in it. How much is 10,000 bitcoins worth? Very!

Schulz very quickly reminded Jones of the value of this amount of bitcoin. Schulz estimates that at the current price of bitcoin, 10,000 bitcoins will be worth $ 500 million. After announcing the amount, Schulz said to Jones with a laugh:

Stupid, go find the laptop.

Then, at Jones’ request, Schultz got up and gently slapped him twice in the face. “It’s my right,” he said as everyone on stage laughed. Bitcoin is currently in the $ 56,200 range.

Kaiser later confirmed the donation of a laptop containing 10,000 bitcoins to Jones, saying:

Yes. At that time the price [بیت کوین] It was $ 5. The story of Jones is one of the most shocking chapters [کتاب] Bitcoin.

Jones bitcoins are now worth $ 565 million. Very soon (in 2021), their value will reach $ 2.2 billion.


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