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AirDrop $ 300 million market for sologenic NFTs for Ripple holders

The Sologenic platform recently announced that it wants to launch a market for unique tokens (NFT) on the XRP Ledger network. Prior to the launch of the market, $ 300 million in free tokens will be donated to Ripple holders.

to the Report CryptoGlobe is set to donate 200 million SOLO tokens in the form of AirDrop to XRP and Solo tokens worldwide, according to a press release from the SoloJink Foundation. The sologenic goal is for the entire digital currency community to be able to participate in this ecosystem and its governance structure.

The airline said it was going to use tokens that are currently locked in the Community Fund and the Solo Development Fund. These tokens were discarded when the ecosystem was launched in early 2020 with the aim of creating and expanding a solo community.

At the time of writing, each solo token is trading at around $ 2.18; This means that a total of more than $ 340 million in tokens will be donated to Ripple and Solo holders. The snapshot stage of this airdrop is scheduled to start at 23:30 (Tehran time) on December 24 (December 3).

Wallets wishing to participate in this airdrop must create a Trustline with Oracle Sologenic. Users can create trust lines directly from their wallets or keep their XRP tokens in centralized exchanges that support this airdrop.

The platform’s new NFT market will be launched in Solongic Decentralized Exchange, a decentralized and advanced trading platform that allows users to buy and sell various digital assets, including corporate stocks and mutual funds, in the form of tokens and keys. Control your privacy as well.

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In the new sologenic platform, users can offer their NFTs by burning solo tokens and register them in the Blockchain. NFT suites can also use solo as a payment method. The tokens used on this platform are all burned.

Transaction fees on the XRP Ledger network are very low. A ripple whale recently transferred $ 12 billion in XRP tokens in a transaction that cost little due to the network’s low fees.

XRP Ledger network data show that a total of $ 12.3 billion of ripples were transferred in this transaction, with a processing cost of $ 0.000012 XRP, equivalent to $ 0.00000157.


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