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Adam Beck addresses Iranian Twitter user: I am not Satoshi!

Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream and a bitcoin celebrity, responded to an Iranian Twitter user by emphasizing that Satoshi is not Nakamoto, describing his anonymity as a positive indicator.

According to Arzdigital, an Iranian Twitter user with the username mamadporii wrote yesterday morning:

How likely is it that Adam Beck is Satoshi Nakamato ?! I myself prefer that no one ever knows who Satoshi is

Hours later, Adam Beck wrote in response to this tweet:

I [ساتوشی] I’m not. I think we will never know who he was; This is a good thing, as you said.

Adam's back to an Iranian user
Adam’s back to an Iranian user

This Twitter discussion did not end there; Shortly afterwards, another Iranian user wrote to Adam Beck:

Is it possible that bitcoin was created by someone or an institution in the US government? Because the US government has no problem with it and does not consider it a major problem with the power of the dollar. If they see bitcoin as a threat, they will boycott anyone who has bought or traded bitcoin.

Beck wrote in response to this question:

I do not think. If you look at the history of digital currencies, you will see that many of the improvements have been made by people who aim to improve [وضعیت] It has been a community. It was as if they were not just mathematicians, they were trying to create a technology of freedom, and that mission made them more creative.

This Iranian user wrote in response to this answer:

So when will Bitcoin become a threat to the dollar to save people from government economic measures, such as the printing of large sums of money in 2007 and the liquidity crisis that fed bankers and Wall Street? Could bankers try to control their liquidity by buying large volumes of bitcoin?

Beck wrote in response to these questions:

I guess because Bitcoin is a threat to major currencies [دنیا] Become, [احتمالا] It should be 10 or 100 times larger. It may be hard to stop. In addition, it may not be a direct threat; Because investors are always looking for value protection, so maybe [بیت کوین] Become an alternative to real estate, stocks and gold.

Beck is an important figure in the field of digital currencies and cryptography. He predicted last year that the price of bitcoin would reach $ 100,000.

He also described Ethereum as a “Panzi” project in a scathing statement a few months ago.


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