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Abbas Ashtiani Note: Renovation and expansion of infrastructure without the participation of the people is far from the mind

You can read the note of Abbas Ashtiani, activist of the Blockchain in Iran:

“In the last two years, the current situation in the country’s electricity industry has been warned with a lot of emphasis; But not just about using the country’s electricity for the country’s mining farms; Rather, to ignore the potential of this field to help increase the country’s production capacity and reduce the concern of the Ministry of Energy in the days when our compatriots may while driving on highways or dear patients in hospitals due to lack of proper management and proper investment and participation. Suitable for the private sector in the development of the country’s electricity industry to be deprived of the blessings of electricity as a strategic commodity. Activists in the private sector of the cryptocurrency mining industry were faced with strange decisions by the managers of the Ministry of Energy and were unable to properly invest in this area and develop production capacity or make optimal use of the country’s existing electricity generation capacity, including electricity and gas.

The mining industry has been a blessing that could have helped a lot in this way, but now blaming the country’s power outages and mismanagement in infrastructure and distribution and even consumption on the various industries of the country is very unpleasant and far from the main issue and Comparable to clearing the issue.

In addition to burning opportunities for the mining industry in the last two years to create jobs; Currency exchange for the country; Youth employment; Development of industry and assistance to the country’s electricity generation and distribution infrastructure and elimination of imbalances in confined capacities and the amount of consumption in different parts of the country; Another issue that is interesting in this area is that the Ministry of Energy’s insistence on setting rates for a high-priced industry has many ambiguities; If we are facing a shortage of electricity, why are we satisfied with the statistics of 24 extraction centers with a capacity of about 310 MW? If we do not face a shortage of electricity, why have we withheld the possibility of the growth of this country’s industry and its activists by setting an inappropriate rate, and people have become interested in underground activities, according to the Ministry of Energy? Does a bad law result in anything other than encouraging outside action?

In various meetings, the officials of the Ministry of Energy repeatedly denied the underground activity after determining the extraction rate, while we all know this rate and the multiplication of rates and the existence of discrimination for the extraction industry are nothing but discrimination and rent corruption and encouraging activists to stay away. There is no legal basis and this warning was given to the Ministry of Energy during the last two years. However, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Energy on the ability to supply electricity at the peak of the country for about 55,000 MW and less in winter, and on the other hand, the announcement of dealing with unauthorized activists with a capacity of about 250 MW (according to statistics We are witnessing this (we are witnessing the share of less than half a percent of illegal activities in the consumption of the country; Blaming this section for the reason for the recent blackouts is nothing but disturbing the public mind; deviation of thoughts from mismanagement; It does not reveal anything else to us. We have been suffering from the lack of private sector participation in the development of the country for many years, and the new maneuver of the Ministry to emphasize the lack of electricity capacity in winter also intensifies the concerns related to management in summer.

Improving the energy tariff and agility of the Ministry of Energy in encouraging investors to save the country and build new infrastructure and use the unused closed capacities in certain parts of the country without increasing the load of the electricity network can give new life to the extraction industry. Strengthen the country’s electricity infrastructure. “This is an incentive to inject private sector capital into the country’s mining and electricity industry. Otherwise, with the multiplication of prices and the difficulty of business, no future will be brighter for anyone in this losing game.”


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